How to scale corporate culture from 0 to 400 in five years with CEO Fiona Kesby

Zoe Routh is a leadership expert and trainer in Australia who firmly believes in getting “the people stuff’ right if business leaders want to unleash great work. It’s such an honor to hear her say, “The value proposition of what GoTeam is doing is amazing, and I’ve been really pleased that the virtual assistants are being so well looked after there.”

In this episode of The Zoe Routh Leadership Podcast, Zoe and GoTeam CEO Fiona Kesby talk about the game-changing advantage of building your business on a solid foundation of values. “It seems so obvious and yet so many leaders don’t pay attention to these details,” Zoe pointed out. “How did you determine your values? Did you put yourself through a process? Home did you come to land on those ones?”

We believe the answers will help business leaders who want to scale and to be a positive influence in people’s lives as well. Listen to the podcast here:

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