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30 Aug 2023 (Wed),

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23 Aug 2023 (Wed),

9am Perth | 11am Sydney


23 Aug 2023 (Wed), 9am PHT

30 Aug 2023 (Wed), 11pm PHT

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process With AI-Powered Self-Interviews

Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence in your hiring, and attract top talents
– faster, easy and bias-free.

Fast-track your hiring journey in few steps.

With InterviewRoom, you are clicks away from hiring your next team member that fits.


Sign up your company to InterviewRoom AI account.

Gain access to our powerful AI-driven interview platform.


Connect to your ATS

Seamlessly integrate InterviewRoom AI with your preferred Applicant Tracking System (ATS) using our API. No ATS? No worries, you do not need one.


Let top talents discover your job openings, and apply.

Explore your job orders on your preferred channel. Attract a pool of qualified candidates eager to join your team.


Send them directly to self-interview room.

Empower applicants to engage in self-guided interviews that showcase their skills and qualifications.


Leave the rest to us.

Our advanced AI technology takes over. Trust in our system to deliver meaningful data for your hiring decisions.

Enabling data-driven decision-making.

AI-powered self-interviews generate valuable data and insights about candidate performance, response, and qualifications.


Increased daily volume of interviews.


Labour cost saved  during end-to-end hiring process.


In time saved on interviewing applicants.


Job seekers have positive impression.

Extracting the best
for you.

We help you identify desirable candidates using AI technology to bring the most transparent, reliable and non-biased decisions.

Get the best-match
candidates for your team.

An evidence-based and unbiased means to ensure fair and informed hiring decisions.

Qualification Scores

Identify if the candidate possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the role.

Behavioural Scores

This uses reliable analytical methods to examine a candidate’s behavioral and interpersonal competencies.

DISC® Profile

DISC profiles allow us to understand better how a candidate may perform in a work environment.

Big 5 Personality

Offers valuable data to predict a candidate’s potential for success and fit within your team and organization accurately.


Hiring software built for faster growth.

Live data integrations

Pull in actuals from your selected Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Greenhouse, Recruitee, ZipRecruiter and more..

Playback Timeline

Easily review interview recordings, navigate sections, and assess candidate response with the intuitive timeline.

Interview Transcript

Get a written recording of the interview for reference, analysis, and comprehensive evaluations.

Conversation Analytics

Extract insights from candidate responses, tone, sentiment, and language patterns for a more profound understanding.

Candidate Comparison

Evaluate multiple candidates qualifications and interview performance by comparing them side by side.

Candidate Ranking

Objectively assess candidates based on predefined criteria to identify top contenders for the role.


Experience the future of recruitment today.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to streaming hiring, make data-driven decisions, and attract top talent.

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Leverage AI Capabilities

You can conduct highly personalized and relevant interview that give you a deep understanding of each candidate’s skills and potential.

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