Borderless Talent for Business-Savvy Legal Teams. Add Virtual Assistants and Get More Actual Lawyering Done!

“When software is used intelligently, it bridges the gap between those who know and those who do.”

When editors Roger Strathausen, Kai Jacob, and Dierk Schindler wrote that in 2017, an increasingly full workload and a lack of resources were the main challenges legal practitioners faced.

In 2020, these challenges are made more complex by the changing needs and priorities of clients. Whether operating in corporate legal departments or running their own law firms, lawyers would be wise to devote more time truly listening to their clients.

Intelligent use of software, combined with outsourcing offshore, can connect lawyers to the expertise they may need from different fields. This will help them execute on the challenge, raised since the Global Financial Crisis, “to make legal lean.”

GoTeam can help lawyers by providing a global team that can take care of repetitive, time-consuming but important tasks. These include:

  • Billing, collections, and other accounting processes
  • Contract management
  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Digital marketing
  • Document review
  • Executive assistance
  • Knowledge management
Let’s explore how one or a lean team of Virtual Assistants can provide your law firm or legal department the support you need!

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Positions We Can Fill

position Account Managers
position Bookkeepers
position Digital Marketing Assistants
position Executive Assistants
position Legal Admin Assistants
position Legal Secretaries

Software our VAs Have Experience with

company company company


qualification Bachelor’s degree in the Humanities or Liberal Arts, with some having studied Legal Management or taken some postgraduate Law courses.
qualification Training and relevant work experience as a paralegal.
qualification Proficiency in using legal case management and practice management solutions.

Full Support for Your Global Team

Health, Safety, and Wellness

qualification Nurse and doctor onsite for your office based team.
qualification Safe, health department-approved facilities in Cebu I.T. Park. 24/7 security.
qualification Telemedicine for work-from-home teams and dependents.

Data Security

qualification Payments Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.
qualification Always-On Virtual Private Network.
qualification Regular audit of work-from-home team’s locations.
qualification Sustained training on security policies, through our enterprise software

Engagement, Morale, and Productivity

qualification Automate onboarding and training with
qualification Dedicated Results Coaches to support you and your global team.
qualification Personal and team effectiveness training from an ex-FranklinCovey leader.
qualification Virtual events (Discover You lunch, Values Awards, and gratitude celebrations) to stay connected.

Essential Support Services

qualification Professional and thorough talent search and recruitment.
qualification Hassle-free, transparent processing of payroll and benefits.
qualification 24/7 IT support.
qualification Facilities management onsite. Support for work-from-home teams.
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