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Copywriters, SEO Specialists, Video Editors, and More.

Everyone is online in 2020, whether for work, school, or leisure. For businesses, this creates the challenge of getting your story across and reaching your community of customers, both current and potential-without spending too much on advertising. And without crowding out important messages about public health and the pandemic.

What stories are you telling your communities? How are you connecting to them in increasingly more crowded digital spaces? Understanding how their priorities and choices have changed will be the key

At GoTeam, we believe people deserve to fool like they’re winning. And that includes business owners who have built something so remarkable that a larger community needs to find out about them. We can help

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Positions We Can Fill

position Animators
position Graphic Designers
position Marketing Analyst
position Sales and Marketing Admin Assistant
position Content Writers
position Illustrator and Photo Editors
position Marketing Assistant
position SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist
position Digital Marketing Managers
position LinkedIn Assistant
position Project Managers
position Social Media Coordinators
position Facebook Advertising VA
position Managing Editors
position Public Relations Assistant
position Video Editors
position Web Designers

Hire for Various Advertising, Marketing, and Media Roles and Verticals

One of our best sources of growth since 2014 is the exceptional performance our virtual assistants deliver. It’s what inspires our best clients to refer us to friends and professional networks. And gives them the confidence to expand their global teams here in Cebu in the Philippines. Beyond that, every marketing, advertising or media tactic or tool that we recommend to our clients is something that our CEO Fiona Kesby and Founder Matt Kesby have tested themselves in their own businesses.

Software our VAs Have Experience with

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qualification Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Communications, or Marketing
qualification Work experience in copywriting, events planning, graphic design, journalism, market research, public relations, and social media marketing
qualification Content creation, distribution, editing, and analytics skills.

Full Support for Your Global Team

Health, Safety, and Wellness

qualification Nurse and doctor onsite for your office based team
qualification Safe, health department-approved facilities in Cebu I.T. Park. 24/7 security.
qualification Telemedicine for work-from-home teams and dependents

Data Security

qualification Payments Card Industry (PCI) data security standards
qualification Always-On Virtual Private Network.
qualification Regular audit of work-from-home team’s locations
qualification Sustained training on security policies, through our enterprise software Dothis.to

Engagement, Morale, and Productivity

qualification Automate onboarding and training with Dothis.to
qualification Dedicated Results Coaches to support you and your global team
qualification Personal and team effectiveness training from an ex-FranklinCovey leader
qualification Virtual events (Discover You lunch, Values Awards, and gratitude celebrations) to stay connected

Essential Support Services

qualification Professional and thorough talent search and recruitment
qualification Hassle-free, transparent processing of payroll and benefits
qualification 24/7 IT support
qualification Facilities management onsite. Support for work-from-home teams.
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