Our Chief Happiness Officer

Creating a happier workplace

In 2018, our CEO Fiona Kesby attended a 3-day culture camp hosted by Zappos in the USA after being inspired by the book "The Zappos Experience: 5 Principles to Inspire, Engage and Wow." She brought back many great ideas to implement, including a newly created position and the first in the outsourcing industry in Cebu: the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO).

About the Role

Our Chief Happiness Officers are responsible for ensuring employees are kept happy, motivated, and productive.

What They Do

Spreading happiness everyday

Welcome Gift

At GoTeam, we make every new team member feel at ease by sending them welcome gift boxes on their first day. It’s our way of saying “welcome to the team” and readily letting each new team member know that we care about you as a person.

Welcome pack:

  • • Robin Sharma’s Little Black Book for Success
  • • Water bottle
  • • Home baked Herschey choco chip cookies
  • • Office supplies

Welcome Morning Tea with our CEO

During the Welcome Morning Tea, CEO Fiona takes her time to greet and
thanks to new team members for choosing GoTeam as their new employer.
At these morning tea catch-ups, Fiona shares the 10 things that require
ZERO talent – but will help one to achieve success in their role.
This usually becomes an eye-opener for team members.

Regularised Employees

An ever-dynamic company, and we adapt to the times; however,
we are unable to effectively improve or innovate without
feedback from the team members themselves.

Anniversary Lunch

Another way we celebrate milestones here at GoTeam is through anniversary lunches.
Our CEO Fiona sits down and chats with team members who are celebrating their
work anniversaries. In addition to the complimentary lunch from GoTeam,
team members also get special goodies!


These gifts are well-thought-of, useful items that
both Fiona and our chief happiness officers have prepared.

Monthly Culture Celebrations

At GoTeam, we have at least 12 celebrations. Yes, we do our culture
celebrations monthly. Creating a strong bond between team
members and upper management fosters a safe and healthy
environment where people are able to express themselves
and where communication is open.

'GoTeam Got Talent' event

Our team members are passionate and hardworking, and sometimes, that passion does not stop at work.


Every year, we run our GoTeam Got Talent event where team members
are are able to showcase their talent and show the world
that they are capable of more. This boosts morale and self-esteem,
and it gives the team member an assurance that GoTeam sees them and
appreciates their talent and skill.

Lunch by CTO Matt Kesby

Our monthly ‘Discover You – CEO Lunch’ presentation revolves around
the monthly recap: activities we’ve done, celebrations,
achievements, heartwarming stories… name it!


During the activity, team members enjoy a a short
and lively conversation on whole person
paradigm led by CTO Matt Kesby.

"Your Team Member will never feel like they're just a number. They will feel loved, cared for, and most importantly inspired - that is my commitment as CEO."

-CEO Fiona Kesby

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