Turning the Tables on Internal Hijackers:
Your Ultimate Guide to Going from "OH CRAP" to "OKAY"

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of overthinking? It’s not unusual to get caught up in negative thoughts, but in the long run, does it actually benefit us? For this Exceed session, Founder and CTO Matt Kesby discussed why we tend to fall into this pattern of thinking and explore ways to overcome what’s known as internal hijackers. 

There are moments when unexpected events occur, leaving us unsure of how to react. Sometimes, we may even be partially responsible for the situation. During these times, our thoughts can race out of control, leading to what’s commonly referred to as an “OH CRAP” moment. 

This type of reaction is part of the fight or flight response, which is rooted in fear and occurs below the line. We either deny that anything is wrong or blame others for the problem. However, as humans, we possess cognitive thinking abilities. It’s essential to move beyond our instinctual reactions and ascend to the above-the-line phase. 

In the above-the-line phase, we take responsibility for our actions. We boost the confidence of those around us, strengthen our resolve, and concentrate on our circle of influence. It’s critical to manage our physiology and shift from the reactive OH CRAP phase to the re-engaging OKAY phase. 

So, if you find yourself caught up in overthinking, take a deep breath and shift to the above-the-line mindset. Remember, it’s natural to be caught off guard, but our response is what truly matters. 

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