There are so many tasks that a recruitment admin virtual assistant can do for you – I have a list over 44 in fact. Email me and I’m happy to send you a copy.

Like us a VA can get stuck in the whirlwind of “busy”. Be strategic and focus on 3 – 4 primary tasks for your VA to do that keeps you in front of clients and candidates and away from your desk.

Here are my top 5 to choose from:

Chase the right leads at the right time

A Recruitment VA can research and pre-qualify leads so that you approach only those who may need or desire your service. No more talking to the wrong people or missing budget based on wasted time.

Never again attend an unconfirmed meeting

Have your schedule and travels plotted so you can squeeze in more appointments in a day. A Recruitment Coordinator VA will remind potential clients of meetings, update calendar invites, and find the most efficient routes through Google Maps.

Your CRM updated for you

Record your notes by voice after each meeting and email the audio file to your Sales Coordinator VA, who will send thank-you and follow-up emails. You’ll be able to keep track of leadership changes in a potential client’s company and remember to call that lead back in six months as promised — all without touching your CRM.

Your resumes formatted

Time is money, formatting resumes when you could be making sales calls is not an effective use of your time. Even worse burning the midnight candle to format resumes is not exactly work life balance we all aspire to.

Linkedin Searches

While you are at a meeting have your Recruitment Assistant search Linkedin to find a shortlist of suitable applicants and contact with a template introduction designed by yourself. By the time you return from your meeting a shortlist of prequalified candidates ready for you to contact by phone.

GoTeam Outsourcing in Philippines

About GoTeam (formerly Go Virtual Assistants)

GoTeam, formerly GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) Inc. is a registered Australian-Filipino owned company growing in the heart of Cebu City, as well as a growing number of key cities in the Philippines.

Our HQ is situated in an IT complex with modern facilities, although since March 2020, more than 70% of our team members have been working from home.

Our enhanced operations and streamlined services provide scalable opportunities that spell sustainability, growth, and success for any business venture. As your global team members, GoTeam’s goal is to create winnable games and strategies across all the work that we do, knowing that your success is our long-term fulfillment.

We help Australian, NZ, US, and UK businesses increase revenue, reduce costs, and scale through outsourced offshoring. This also creates for us the opportunity to be a catalyst for people to exceed.

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