If the time has come to start looking for your first Virtual Assistant or you are looking to expand your team, then there are a few things we have learned when it comes to finding the BEST FIT person for the role.
  1. Begin with the End in Mind
  2. Pick an operating model that suits

1. Begin with the end in mind

As Stephen Covey, Author of the  7 Habits wrote, “Begin with the End in Mind”

If you are clear on what your ultimate going is, you are more likely to take the best actions to get there.

Whether you are new to considering a Virtual Assistant to help your business grow or whether you have had a virtual team for a while, take a moment to complete the following steps:

  1. Write down your business goals for the year ahead. Include any major projects your have.
  2. Below each goal, write down what actions you or others need to do to achieve each goal.
  3. Write what activities currently hold you or others back from achieving those goals.


Once you have these lists, it is time to assessment with the following screen:

Action Task that require your strategic value add to achieve. TIP: Yes you are awesome at many things, watch out for the busy work you are doing, it could be holding you back. Be prepared to pass items to the next three categories.
Automate Repeatable task that software can be used to automate. NOTE: You will need time and budget to effectively implement automation. If they are not currently available, then go for delegation
Delegate Tasks that can be completed by your virtual assistant to free up your time to work on higher strategic and value add tasks.
Discard Tasks with no or low return on investment, that if not done, would not be missed or have negative consequences.  TIP: Watch out for items that should be discarded but are held on to.

 By now you are started to obtain greater clarity on which items you can delegate off to a Virtual Assistant

If your list is only short at first, you are not alone. It is often not easy to articulate, in detail, all of the valuable activities you do each day. Oh…and we typically do not realise how much we are doing that someone else could do for you.

PRO TIP: Do the exercise 3 times. Then diarise your activities for a week. Every 10 mins write down what you have done. You will quickly see where your time is going.

 With your list at hand, you are now in a position to find a person that is best suited to deliver these tasks for you and free up your time to focus on your great business goals.

This is where you need to…

2. Pick an operating model that suits your approach

By now you should have more clarity and increased motivation to find a way to delegate these tasks to a new team member.

The next thing to do is pick an approach that suits you the best:

  • Freelance
  • Managed operations
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Own offshore location
The Core 4 Approaches
Factors to consider when deciding on which of the Core 4 Approaches to take Freelance Managed Operations Business Process Outsourcing Your Company in an Offshore Location
Choice of Team Member Full Choice Full Choice No Choice Full Choice
Assistance in Finding the Best Fit Person Self-guided FULL assistance by dedicated recruiters Dictated internal recruitment team dependent
Control of Task Direction High You are in full control No direct control of specific team You are in full control
Cost Low Best Value (1 to 200 staff) Low-High High when under 200 staff
influence on team culture Med High Zero High
Data security risk HIGH LOW MED MED
Term of commitment by the hour +3 months 12 months min 5 years

In our combined 20 years experience in outsourcing offshore, we have found the managed operations approach to be the best fit for businesses that are looking to scale up.


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