How a Positive Mindset Helps You
Achieve Flow State

Did you know that the human body sends 11 million bits per second to our brain for processing and yet, our conscious mind can only process 50 bits per second?  

This means that in our daily life, we have a lot of things going on at the same time, but then, only a small part of these can be processed to get our mind’s attention.  

In this world of overwhelming information, how do we narrow everything into focus?

Such is the question that GoTeam and CTO founder, Matt Kesby, asked the audience to think about in the first session of Exceed Institute.  
The answer is we need to lock into things that are important and understand the power of the subconscious mind. To lock in is defined as tracking or following a target or object automatically by radar or other electronic means. 
The Reticular Activating System (RAS) within our brain is what helps us prioritize sensory information to enable our minds to be alert and focused on what’s more important. This is clearly illustrated in a study that showed how both parents easily fell asleep even with a nearby plane taking off (which had very loud sound); yet, as soon as their baby stirred in the room next to theirs, the mother immediately awakened despite it being having a much lower sound.  
In 2005, the National Science Foundation published an article summarizing research on human thoughts per day. They found out some mind-blowing facts: 

What do you make of these facts? Did they blow your mind? 

The point here is that 97% of our worries are baseless and having continued pessimistic perceptions can only cause us stress, tension and exhaustion, both mentally and physically. 

That said, it’s high time we do some spring cleaning – that is allocating more space in our mental closet to allow our minds to open to new, better opportunities that can impact our lives more positively. 

Peter Crone, mind architect, writer, speaker and thought leader in human potential, said that we have a clock time and a psychological time. The former, obviously, refers to the start of our day where the sun rises and ends with it setting to usher the night. 

Now, psychological time refers to our past and future. Should there be any resistance to what happened in the past or what will happen in the future, there is already a negative emotion attached to it and this is what causes our suffering.  

If there is suffering in both the past and the future, where then is your freedom?  

It’s in the present time, where you can achieve flow state and be in the zone. This is the time where you can be happy without thinking of the past and future; thus, there is no suffering. We can’t change the past and the future has certainly not happened yet; so, the only moment where we can be at peace is where the joy will come from – and that is during the present.  

Peter Crone also shared this thought-provoking quote: “What happened, happened and couldn’t have happened, any other way because it didn’t.”  

Studies have already proven how much we can spiral down if we let our negative thoughts and emotions rule. Only when we are deliberate in what we desire and declare what our future will be can this be overcome.  

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