Playing to Win: Powering Up Results Delivery and Career Mastery

The second Masterclass session for the month of February started with CTO and Founder, Matt Kesby, asking the question, “How do you set your goals?” 
Giving an example of the new year’s resolution to lose weight, he shares the story of two friends named Tim and Tom, who each started this quest differently. Tim kicks it off by declaring he’s getting fit this year, losing weight, and hitting the gym first thing on Monday morning.  
Tom, on the other hand, says he’s losing the dad body and shedding pounds. Then he goes on to state a specific goal of reducing body fat from 30% to 12% by 31 December 2023 and lists the actions he’s going to take to accomplish this goal.  
Now, who do you think will succeed in losing weight, Tim or Tom?  
Majority of the attendees answered Tom, and they are all correct. What’s the reason for making Tom the most likely to succeed? It’s because in coming up with goals, one needs to make them specific and realistic.  
Now, we, at GoTeam, believe in career mastery and results delivery. To put this into action, we are introducing a brand-new way of designing goals at work with a powerful new level of specificity powered by AI. You’re sure to be blown away at just how fast you can come up with metrics that really matter to help you power up your results!  
This AI-cutting edge tool that is sure to change your way of designing goals is called the Huddleboard App, and within it is a clear foundation and framework where the basic human need of being seen and feeling heard is catered to everyday.

There is a structural format that ensures each of your team members understand how to deliver impact, knowing that their contribution truly makes a difference to your company’s purpose and strategy.  

To give a glimpse of this goal setting system, it involves four fundamentals:

1. OKRx – this is an acronym for objectives, key results, and x-factors.  
2. Daily Huddle – involves the leader and all team leaders 
3. Fortnightly 1:1an individual session with team member to leader 
4. Win:Win – an agreement session between team member and leader

Consequently, your team members get to play a winnable game where they get to see objectivity on a daily and weekly basis, whether they are winning or losing on the game that they have influence over. If it happens to be the latter, they can adjust accordingly to reach the objectives that they want to achieve.  

Are you getting fired up with what our Huddleboard App can do to power up your results and career mastery? Click on the video below as our CTO and founder, Matt Kesby, tells you how to utilize them to the fullest. 

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