How Do You Become More Powerful than a Mind Reader?

The first-ever Masterclass for GoTeam Breakthrough Results Enablement Program happened last 31 January 2023, kicking off with the topic of the personality profiling system, DISC.  

Now what is this all about? Let’s picture out this scenario. 

Imagine that you have the means to unlock the key to understanding the personalities of your team members. Imagine the possibility of truly being able to understand them, and yourself as well, thereby improving communication and feeling the impact it has on your organization.  

Can you see your team being cohesive and productive with conflicts reduced and relationships improved?  

According GoTeam CTO and Founder, Matt Kesby, this is now made possible with the cutting-edge AI tool called DISC from Crystal Knows.  

With this AI-first approach of personalizing communication for greater results, YOU ARE NOW MORE POWERFUL THAN A MIND READER! 

Guest speaker, Connor Reilly, Director of Customer Success at Crystal Knows, gave a comprehensive explanation on how DISC can help you and your team members develop empathy, virtually changing the golden rule from “Treating others the way YOU WANT to be treated” to “Treating others the way THEY WANT to be treated.” 

To give you a bit of a background, DISC is a well-established and trusted behavioral framework that organizations use to communicate effectively, build high-performing teams, retain top talent and sell more effectively.  

Correlated with the most scientifically rigorous personality: The Big Five, DISC is actually an acronym for the four primary traits that human beings have. D stands for Dominance, I stands for Influence, S stands for Steadiness, and C stands for Conscientiousness.  

All these behaviors point out the four personalities common among people, and most definitely are present among your team members. This is called the Tick Bird Profile, which is essential for helping us develop and enhance our communication with other people.  

As an owner or leader, knowing your team members’ tick profile will help you do your work more effectively and understand them in a deeper sense. In effect, we can avoid making assumptions and ensure a healthy and safe space for speaking up.  

According to Kathy Barnes, Associate Director of USF’s Corporate Training and Professional Education,

“Understanding employees as individuals – each with unique personalities, strengths and life experiences – is an essential leadership skill.”

So, how then do you translate this into results enablement? There are a lot of benefits for your company’s different teams with DISC:


  1. Effectively manage, coach and train
  2. Cross-department collaboration
  3. Motivate and reward
  4. Communication, insights and personalization


  1. Understand prospects and customers’ unique communication preference
  2. Customize their pitch and delivery on buying motivators
  3. Shorten sales cycles
  4. Increase bond and rapport


  1. Find the personalities and skill sets for your company’s specific needs
  2. Understand candidate’s strength and weakness quicker, at a deeper level
  3. Understand each candidate’s “energy-cost”
  4. Customise the way you build offers
  5. Understand candidate’s motivators and better pitch against competition

So, are you getting the bigger picture now?  
The best part is DISC doesn’t only apply to the people within your organization, it’s also very beneficial in understanding the behaviors of your customers and prospects — the very people you want to attract and capture. That way, you can tweak your approach or pitch to communicate with them effectively. 

This is the answer to the question we have in our title, How to Become More Powerful than a Mind Reader.”  
Because with what the DISC personality profiling can do, that’s basically what you are!

GoTeam Breakthrough Results Enablement Program 2023 is a revolutionary program designed to help unleash your team’s potential. With the utilization of new frameworks and artificial intelligence tools, outsourcing, sales and other activities can be streamlined for maximum efficiency.  

This comprehensive program comes with four gifts: Office Hours, Tech Choose-days, Exceed Institute and Masterclass, all delivered in weekly sessions. Join GoTeam Breakthrough and tackle the value of purpose and progress for results enablement.