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Playing to Win: Powering Up Results Delivery and Career Mastery

The second Masterclass session for the month of February started with CTO and Founder, Matt Kesby, asking the question, “How do you set your goals?”
It is no secret that outsourcing to the Philippines has proven to be among the wisest decisions a company in search of offshore staffing solutions has ever done. Many businesses have found success in creating a thriving team in this tropical paradise, thanks to exceptional staff, the best pricing, and just a few cultural obstacles.

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It is a reality that as more and more business owners strive to reach their objectives, they are also taking on the burden themselves. Outsourcing service providers have entered the small to medium sector in response to the need for assistance while retaining process optimization and cash flow.
What is the biggest mistake business leaders and their teams can make while working from home? GoTeam Founder Matt Kesby talked about how that mistake can be avoided in a recent conversation with the business leader Mike Grogan.