How to Plan for Success: GoTeam’s March 2021 Awardees

Our exceptional virtual assistants in the GoTeam tribe revisited Habit 3 (from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) in our Discover You event for March. 

Like everything we commit to work on and develop, our time management styles can change over time. 

It’s reassuring to know that we won’t always be procrastinators, putting off tasks and commitments until the last minute. If we pick up the habit of discipline, we won’t always be slackers who fritter time away on social media, gaming, mall marathons, gossip, and other time drains.

For about a week in March, a cargo ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking dozens of other ships that were moving goods from Asia and the Middle East to Europe and the rest of the world. Pictures of the 220,000-ton Ever Given, which dwarfed the heavy equipment that salvage crews used to try to free it from the canal’s muddy banks, rapidly circulated and inspired memes—many of them comparing the massive ship to their to-do lists, and the tiny digger beside it to their available energy or time.

Image of boat in Suez Canal
It felt good to be reminded in the GoTeam Discover You event for March 2021 that choosing to work on our highest priorities is the key.

“Habit 3, to put first things first, is the habit of focus, integrity, discipline, and prioritization,” said founder Matt Kesby, who led the discovery or learning portion of the event. If you’ve ever felt like you spend most of your time at work fighting fires or spinning plates (and worrying about which one’s going to fall next), it’s important to take a step back and give yourself time to work on important yet not urgent activities, like planning and improving your capabilities.   

These are the items that we need to carve out the time for. They don’t just happen. They take significant, deliberate choices to make them happen,”

Matt said. 
“Stephen Covey shares in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that if you want to make a wholesale change in your life, a really big impact, then do this one thing. Plan the week, each week, before the week begins. Plan the day, each day, before the day begins. It really is that simple when we understand what our mission is, what our roles and goals are, and what our priorities are.”

Consider this Time Management Matrix:

GoTeam Values Awardees for March 2021

As always, the presentation of the month’s GoTeam Values Awardees was one of the highlights of the monthly Discover You event. Based on feedback from their clients, Results Coaches, and other members of the GoTeam tribe, these 7 individuals best embodied our core values in March. Congratulations!

Vita Faith photoCARE: Vita Faith works as a Sales Support VA for one of the fastest-growing property investment companies in the U.S.

“She has so much drive for herself and her family,” wrote her client Curtis E. 

Vita received this award the month after a successful probation period led to her becoming a regular employee. This award is given to the team or individual who cares deeply about the success of our clients, knowing that their success is our long-term success. This also reminds us to care about our workmates and treat everyone as we would wish to be treated.

DRIVE: Lorraine works as  Home Design VA for a fast-growing corporate housing provider based in the U.S. West Coast that operates in more than 30 cities.

Photo of Lorraine, Drive AwardeeIn GoTeam , drive gets shown in our determination “to succeed and help our clients exceed their goals.” Lorraine won this award in her 18th month in GoTeam . 

“Lorraine has played such a huge role in getting our furniture and decor data cleaned up,” said her client Chelsea P. “There is still a lot of work to do, but this is such a big part of getting our huge amount of inventory in order, and we couldn’t be doing it without her attention to detail, perseverance, and dedication.”

Now that most of us spend more time at home than ever before, the effort that goes into making homes more comfortable and more pleasant counts as meaningful work. And that’s part of what makes Lorraine’s drive so commendable. 

HUMILITY: Roland John works as an Estimating and Lead Generation VA for a pest control services business based in Queensland, Australia.

Photo of Roland, Humility Awardee“Roland consistently goes above and beyond in his role to deliver the best outcome for the client. He is a quiet achiever and will often work additional hours without being asked, sometimes even late at night,” wrote his client Paige W. “He never goes out of his way to seek reward or recognition and is always extremely gracious when it’s received. He is invaluable to our company and culture.”

Roland received this award just 6 months away from his third GoTeam work anniversary. In September 2019, when he celebrated his first GoTeam anniversary, he also received the Find a Way Value Award. His client’s feedback beautifully sums up what his latest value award encourages, which is the commitment to create success and yet stay grounded, to stay modest about our accomplishments. We project a quiet confidence, and we prefer to let our work speak for itself.

DISCOVER: Kaye Denise works as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Coordinator for a sixth-generation U.S. company that manufactures parts for the heavy-duty transportation and automotive industries, among others.

Photo of Kaye Denise, Discover Awardee“Kaye, it has been totally wonderful working with you! I think we make a great team. Our entire team appreciates your creativity and quick work, and also that you’re intuitive about what they’re asking,” wrote her client Randy G.

“With three divisions and a corporate division, the learning curve is tough in our business and you’ve done a phenomenal job of learning as you go along and remembering details about each division. I know that we all appreciate the fresh ideas you’re bringing to the table. You blew everyone away with the truck graphic design!” 

Results Coach Marnie commended Kaye for being proactive and for keeping up with her client despite time difference. “She delivers and has impressed the client with her outputs.” That’s what comes from the value of discovery, a thirst for finding new skills and commitment to extended learning. 
This is Kaye’s second commendation in 8 months. In July 2020, she was a GoTeam Hero of the Day. 

EXECUTE: Noreen works as a Customer Service VA for a U.S. property management and corporate housing business. 

Photo of Noreen, Execute AwardeeWhen we focus and execute to get the job done, we make exceptional outcomes possible. This March, Noreen C. won her second GoTeam Value Award in 5 months. (She and 2 teammates, Claudette and Abigail, won the Drive Value Award in October last year.)

“Noreen is always up for a new project and task, taking the lead without hesitation. She dives deep into projects and she is able to clearly understand what is needed for success,” wrote her client Nichole S.

This award is meant to inspire the entire tribe and remind us of the power of getting important things done. We believe in measurements and creating winnable games across all the work we do.

FIND A WAY: Jason Kristoffer works as a Senior Accountant for a U.S. corporate housing provider that serves property owners and guests across 30 cities.

Photo of Jason Kristoffer, Find a Way Awardee

Just 4 months shy of his first GoTeam work anniversary, Jason won the GoTeam Find a Way Value Award.

His client Melissa C. wrote: “Jason always finds a way to get the tasks done. He is very responsible and capable in finishing his tasks. I never worry if he is able to finish the task because he will always figure out a way to finish it.”

In committing to find a way, we honor the promises we make to our clients and to ourselves. We take responsibility, accountability, and ownership of our actions. We embrace challenges and commit to finding resolutions to any obstacle. 

CEO AWARD: Irish works as a bookkeeper for an Australian financial services business.

Photo of Irish, GO-VA CEO Awardee

Irish’s client Nick G. praised her “attention to detail, proactiveness, and balanced nature” and her attitude of “always being willing to give anything a go.”

“We would not be the business we are without your help, Irish. You have grown so much over the years. Very proud of your development and looking forward to COVID-19 finishing up so we can finally get you to Australia!”

Results Coach Marnie pointed out that Irish invested time in training anyone new who joined the team and has taken care of them and given them support. “She is consistent in her quality of work. I am happy to see what she has achieved over the past 4 years.” Irish received the award just a few days after celebrating her fourth GoTeam work anniversary. She also won the CEO Award in February 2018, a few weeks before her first GoTeam work anniversary. 

For business leaders, part of “putting first things first” is placing the happiness and health of your people among your highest priorities. If you’re curious about starting your own global team, we’d love the opportunity to answer your questions.  Come join our tribe

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