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Matt Kesby, GoTeam CTO and Founder
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When you think of the business and workplace leaders you admire most, what qualities stand out?  If those qualities include a commitment to care and an unshakable belief in the potential within people, we believe you’ll love it here at GoTeam. 

Our leaders’ combined expertise is both broad and deep.  

From talent acquisition to leadership development, from business process operations management to IT services management, and from automation to software development. 

More importantly, we believe everyone deserves to grow as a whole person. Build rich and connected family lives. Access previously ungettable gets. And find fulfillment in their careers. 

We would love for you to gain all that. Join our team!

Our Executive Team

Fiona Kesby - GoTeam CEO and Founder

Fiona Kesby, CEO and Founder

Matt Kesby - GoTeam CTO and Founder

Matt Kesby, CTO and Founder

Michael Carreon - Chief Heart Officer At GoTeam

Michael Carreon

Chief Heart Officer

Alin Florea - Operations Manager At GoTeam

Alin Florea

Operations Manager

Nina Ceniza - Organizational Development Manager at GoTeam

Nina Ceniza

Organizational Development Manager

Maxie Moira - GoTeam Finance Manager

Maxie Moira

Finance Manager

We’re Grateful for These
GoTeam Milestones

Matt Kesby - Entrepreneur and former FranklinCovey Execution Practice Leader

Entrepreneur and former FranklinCovey Execution Practice Leader Matt Kesby starts Go Virtual Assistants, Inc. (GO-VA) with one full-time team member.

Ian Ramos continues to work with Matt today as General Manager for the award-winning property management and payments platform SimpleRent.

GoTeam Team Members With Fiona Kesby

CEO Fiona Kesby moves to Cebu with her daughters so she can be onsite as the company scales. With more than 18 years of experience in recruitment, both in Australia and internationally, Fiona emphasizes that the best way to attract talent is to take exceptional care of the team.

Within a few months, GO-VA hires its 100th team member.

Fiona Kesby with GoTeam Philippines Team Members

Before the annual holiday break, the company welcomes its 250th team member!

GoTeam in Cebu, Philippines

WorldRemit starts operations in Cebu with a 20-member customer service team in GO-VA. Within 10 months, that team grows to 205 full-time team members and the company completes its incubation program.

Inspired by a Zappos culture camp she attended in the US, CEO Fiona Kesby hires a Chief Happiness Officer to organize culture-building activities such as Tea with the CEO, the CEO Monthly Presentation and Values Awards, and monthly gratitude events.

GO-VA moves to the Cebu IT Park, a special economic zone built for the business processing and IT-enabled services industries. This same year, Cebu gets named as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

GO-VA is named one of Asia’s four Most Promising SMEs in the Asia-Pacific Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards.

On its first attempt, GO-VA is certified as a Great Place to Work business, with 9 out of 10 team members agreeing with this statement: “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a Great Place to Work.”

Under the value of Care, the company houses more than 100 team members and their families whose homes were severely damaged by super typhoon Odette.

GoTeam in Cebu, Philippines

GO-VA rebrands itself as GoTeam.

This drives home the company’s ability to attract more than virtual assistants for its growth-stage clients—at this point, working with highly skilled global team members, plus automation has become essential for businesses to achieve remarkable progress.

A Most Rewarding Story So Far

Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020

Asia Pacific Enterprise
Awards 2020

Asia's Most Promising SME 2020

Asia's Most Promising
SME 2020

STEVIE Silver Winner 2020

Winner 2020

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of the Year 2020​

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Fintech Awards 2019

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