InnovAI8 Summit: GoTeam Poised for Record Impact

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Now that GoTeam is setting the pace in innovation and technology, everyone can sense the excitement and thrill of its impact everywhere!

Last January 24-25, 2024, GoTeam held its second InnovAI8 – Empowering with AI Summit in Seda Hotel, Cebu, Philippines, attended by 50+ GoTeam Web Developers and led by our very own Matt Kesby, Group CEO and Chief AI Officer.

The summit featured an impressive and renowned lineup of resource speakers, including Rory Flynn, Founder of Systematiq AI at Midjourney; Nicholas Ning, CEO & Founder of Farpoint Technologies; Meghan Watkins, CEO Coaching International Coach; and Dave Watts, the Head of AI at Hive Digital. 

Macro State of AI:​ What the Future Has in Store​

Matt and Nicholas A

“The industrial revolution has led to the creation of various machines.” – Nicholas Ning, CEO & Founder of Farpoint Technologies

Nicholas discussed the parallels between industrial revolutions and the growing landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), emphasizing AI’s potential to reshape industries and societies. He highlighted the importance of responsible AI development to manage potential disruptions while maximizing its benefits. 

As he wisely quoted, “Understand what you’re gonna build.” Nicholas emphasizes the significance of careful planning and ethical consideration when utilizing AI, particularly in terms of reliability and speed. Lastly, Ning added that massive primary models like Gemini, ChatGPT4, and ChatGPT Co-Pilot play a crucial role in this evolution as they augment human capabilities and facilitate innovative products and solutions. 

How to Build 1000 Ads from One AI Prompt

Matt and Rory Flynn

Businesses require new advertising angles, fresh creative ideas, and variations every month. – Rory Flynn, Founder Systematiq AI, Midjourney Marketing Expert

During the AI Summit, Rory talked about the revolutionary potential of leveraging AI to streamline the process of generating advertising content. Rory outlined innovative strategies for building thousands of ads from a single AI prompt, highlighting how this approach can significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in business marketing campaigns. 

Indeed, by harnessing the power of AI-driven creative generation, organizations can achieve a wealth of diverse ad angles and variations that will enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition and continuously engage their target audience. 

GoTeam Is Set for Record Impact

“Change the formula, change the result.”

This is our guiding position as we embark on this contemporary journey towards achieving winning results and remarkable success. We are poised to redefine industry standards and leave an indelible mark on the path of progress.

Eager to be part of our groundbreaking mission? Take the next step and join GoTeam in shaping a brighter future! 

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GoTeam continuously stood out as the first game changer across the industry, when it comes to innovation and technology. Join us as we are poised for record-breaking impact and unveil the happenings of January 24-25, 2024, during the InnovAI8 Summit - Empowering with AI.