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Help businesses scale and people exceed.

GoTeam Culture
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Our Purpose

Our Mission

Our Vision

GoTeam Vision
Growth arises from change. While our communities knew us as GO Virtual Assistants or GO-VA for our first seven years, GoTeam better reflects who we are now.  
More than virtual assistants, we are accountants, architects, content writers, estimators,  graphic designers, project managers, recruiters, sales professionals, and software developers.  
Virtually anyone a business needs to scale and make a bigger, more remarkable impact on their communities.  
You deserve opportunities to solve interesting challenges with kind and innovative clients. Grow as a whole person. Create a legacy your family can depend on and be proud of. 

You deserve to belong with GoTeam.

Empowering People in a safe environment to exceed

When being part of a team that sees your potential and wants you to win is important to you, you’ll find in GoTeam a culture dedicated to career mastery—a WIN for you and a WIN for our clients. 
We understand what it takes to help you find greater clarity and confidence, and feel that you are winning! 
We have codified this into a set of tools and practices that will guide you to exceed. What you will learn through application will let you pull all the levers of success in your life, unleashing change in ways you’ve never achieved before. 
When you WIN consistently and deliver results in a sustainable way, you help your organization grow and scale. And progress = happiness!  

We provide the systems and the environment, so you can rise to new heights.

It's time for you to be DELIVERING IMPACT

Imagine being part of a team that can see how their contributions impact the organization's strategy and purpose.

Our provides a toolset to support you to WIN.

It’s time for you to BE SEEN, FEEL HEARD.

Imagine a safe, regular, and structured forum where you can share your progress, knowledge, feelings, and desires in a way that will set you up for greater success.

At GoTeam, we have built the toolset to help you stay engaged and motivated.

It’s time for you to play WINNABLE GAMES.

Imagine your future is no longer tied to the whims of others. You can objectively see on a daily and weekly basis if you are winning or losing in a game you have influence over. Best of all, you know you have a team that is backing you to WIN.

Use our toolset to keep winning.

Delivering Impact

Winnable Game

Be seen & Feel Heard


Values we lead by

We care deeply about the success of our clients, knowing that their success is our long-term success. We care about our workmates and treat everyone as they wish to be treated.

We possess an internal drive to succeed and help our clients exceed their goals.

We possess a thirst for the discovery of new skills and commit ourselves to extended learning.

We focus and execute to get the job done. We believe in measurements and creating winnable games across all the work we do.

We take responsibility, accountability, and ownership of our actions. We embrace challenges and commit to finding resolutions to any obstacles.

We are open to listening to others. We seek the third alternative. It may not be my way or your way but together we commit to finding the best way.

We show gratitude for everything our clients, team members, and mentors help us with to exceed in our work. We do not take anything for granted.

GoTeam Philippines Core Values

A people and technology play

Fiona Kesby - GoTeam CEO and Founder

Fiona Kesby, CEO

From Day 1, Fiona has emphasized the power of culture in helping people feel safe. She meets with every GoTeam member at least once a year and listens to ideas, making sure that no one ever feels like they’re just a number. She leads from the heart.

She moved with her two daughters to Cebu, Philippines, where they lived for five years. Since 2020, Fiona has been a member of CEO Coaching International.

Matt Kesby - GoTeam CTO and Founder

Matt Kesby, Founder

Matt leads the execution and software product development functions in the GoTeam. Before the pandemic started in 2020, our developers have been building collaboration, onboarding, and recruitment software for virtual teams, under his leadership.

Matt started GoTeam (known then as Go Virtual Assistants) in May 2014, after nearly a decade of outsourcing offshore for his software development business. He is a former Execution Practice Leader for Franklin Covey in Australia and New Zealand.

A kind and caring culture

Chief Happiness Officers​

Chief Happiness Officers

Our Chief Happiness Officers organize our culture-building events. They make sure every newly hired team member is warmly welcomed and every milestone (successful probations, work anniversaries, and birthdays) gets celebrated. 

Inspired by a Zappos “Delivering Happiness” culture camp in 2018, our CEO Fiona Kesby introduced this role to the Global Office tribe.

Our Chief Happiness Officers work with our Chief Heart Officer and the entire People and Culture team to make sure everyone within GoTeam feels safe and valued. We believe that engagement and morale are essential for team members to exceed expectations—both their clients’ and their own!


Our Coaches guide all team members to stay aligned with each client’s highest priorities. 

Since about 80 percent of the tribe began to work from home in March 2020, our Coaches have played the all-important role of keeping distributed teams connected through daily huddles and 1-on-1 catch-ups.

They help team members gain the clarity, tools, and support they need. They prove that caring about each person’s mindset, skills, and conditions is what makes and sustains a high-performance culture.

GoTeam Coaches and Leadership Coach
GoTeam Discover You Event in March 2022
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Discover You

Are you “in the know” at work? In the Global Office tribe, we hear firsthand from CEO Fiona Kesby about each month’s challenges and wins—from new clients and career opportunities, to any change that shapes our industry conditions and company policies.

GoTeam Exceed Institute - Talking About Thoughts, Feelings and Needs
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Exceed Institute

Each fortnight, the Global Office tribe meets one early morning—so both the night shift and day shift team members can attend—to talk about a leadership, communication, or skill-enhancing tip that will help us exceed expectations, including our own.

GoTeam Philippines - Project Next Generation
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Project Next Generation

When we say we are a learning organization, we don’t just refer to the full-time members of the Global Office tribe. We’re caring for our future leaders, too.

Our online classes are meant to give our children life skills that aren’t usually taught in formal classes.

A Most Rewarding Story So Far

Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020

Asia Pacific Enterprise
Awards 2020

Asia's Most Promising SME 2020

Asia's Most Promising
SME 2020

Stevie Award Winner 2022 - GoTeam

Winner 2020

Bronze Award, Company of the Year 2020​

Bronze Award, Company
of the Year 2020

Asia's CEO Awards 2019 - 2022

Asia's CEO Awards
2019 - 2022

Fintech Awards 2019

FINTECH Business
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