Drawing Strength from Our Values and Families: Our 2021 Awardees


Before 2021 ended, we honored our Values Awardees within GoTeam. But our awards go beyond recognizing individual or team performance that contributes toward business results.

The Global View

  • Seven team members won our Values Awards for 2021, with three others winning special awards as part of our employee recognition and appreciation program: GoTeam Ambassador, Confidence-Builder, Challenge Champion.
  • Our CEO Awardee for 2021, Madeline Guantero, works as an Accounts Receivable and Billing Specialist for one of our U.S. clients and won our most coveted award within her first six months in the GoTeam and Global Office tribe!
  • Our employee awards are closely linked to our core values, in the same way that our benefits are designed to support the families that take care of our team members. The attention and care that they get from their families play a key part in inspiring our team members to do exceptional work.



There’s something our 2021 Values Awardees hold in common—apart from winning their clients’ praise. It’s the way they honor their families.

Some of our awardees thanked their clients for understanding them and treating them like family. Some thanked their supportive team members and described them as a kind of second, professional family.

One of our awardees thanked her sister who, incidentally, is also an award-winning member of the GoTeam tribe.

And another thanked her mother for planting the seed of confidence early in life and nourishing it until it grew deep and sturdy roots.

“She trained me early in life,” one of our Special Awardees, Barbette Lominoque, said of her mother.

“She enrolled me into different programs, from dance lessons to singing lessons to speech and communication lessons. I think my mom really honed me to become the person that I am right now, very confident. So I can also confidently say: This award is for my mother. I love her so much.”

We’ve always had family-oriented values and programs.

Take, for instance, the fact that each team member gets free HMO coverage starting on their first day at work, and so does one of their family members.

Our CEO Fiona Kesby recalls that private medical insurance was something her mother always prioritized, and this inspired her and her brother, GoTeam Founder and CTO Matt Kesby, to offer this benefit on each new team member’s start date.

In 2021, we emphasized family connections more.

Our Employee Assistance Program covers all team members and up to four family members each, including those who may no longer qualify for HMO coverage.

This means that families can get professional and confidential counseling for mental health, as well as access to financial planning and legal advice, should they need it.

Most employee recognition programs are designed to reward individual or team performance that contributes toward the results a business needs.

Our awards go beyond that, reinforcing as well the link between our core company values and the way we work, lead, and make decisions each day.

More than the external rewards, Matt said he hoped that team members would more frequently feel the spark of intrinsic motivation, “when whatever the flow state produces becomes the reward itself.”

The Flow State is our strategic theme for 2022, following Bountiful Growth (2021), Act with Love (2020), and the Relentless Pursuit of Excellence (2019).

“In the flow state, work feels easy,” Fiona said. “Getting to the flow state, however, takes massive amounts of practice. It takes discipline. The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits, in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.”

We celebrated with our 2021 Values Awardees in a virtual event, Christmas Vibe with the Tribe, last 3 December.


Go-VA 2021 Awardee FrenchelOur Care Awardee for 2021 is Frenchel Bonotano, who works as an Accounts Payable Coordinator. Her client, based in Las Vegas, distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to more than 25 countries.

When Frenchel first won this award, she was just in her fifth month with the tribe.

“Since Day 1, Frenchel has shown our team that she truly cares about suppliers, team members, and all that she does,” her client Polina wrote.

Whenever we encounter difficult situations, she is always ready to jump in and help, and it’s clear that she is actively engaged in solving problems.”

For her part, Frenchel praised her client for being very supportive and for encouraging her to do better every day. She also wished both her client and GoTeam more enduring success.

“I feel that everyone is genuine, supportive, and caring, and I just love it here!”

Frenchel works on the night shift with Results Coach Francis Manzanares’s team.


GO-VA 2021 Awardee Shandy Shandy Secuya joined the GoTeam tribe in June 2021 and won the 2021 Drive Value Award in her sixth month.

She works as a Customer Service Support Virtual Assistant for a chain of health care clinics in California. She works during the night shift with Results Coach Klevin Austria’s team.

Her client Lindsay praised Shandy for the drive that has allowed her to become “No. 1 both in our onshore and offshore teams on the quality and number of calls taken. Never have I received any complaints or problems from her. She is always proactive in asking questions and helping out everyone.”

Shandy thanked Lindsay for her trust and for showing appreciation for her work.

She added: “I would like to thank GoTeam for the privilege of being part of the company.”



GO-VA 2021 Awardee EstelaIn 2021, Fiona and Matt updated our core company values by changing Learn to Discovery. We possess a thirst for the discovery of new skills and commit ourselves to extended learning.

Our Discovery Value Awardee for 2021 won this award (and her nomination to the annual awards) in January, within her first quarter in the tribe.

Ma. Estela Caratol started as an Executive Assistant, then became a Project Manager for a prestigious leadership and executive coaching group based in the U.S. Her client Aubrey commended her for using her time and energy to learn more about their leadership coaching business, and said she was “blown away” by how proactive Estela was.

Estela works during the night shift with Results Coach Monico Lim’s team.

“Thank you so much GoTeam for the recognition! I’m so happy,” she said during the awards ceremony. “I’m so honored to be part of the GoTeam team. In the past year, I have seen myself grow personally and professionally. I’m so thankful for the opportunity. I feel so lucky because I’ve met wonderful people and built wonderful working relationships with my colleagues, who are also now my friends. Thank you so much for this award.”


GO-VA 2021 Awardee JayWhen Jay Sanciangco won the Execute Value Award in October, he had just marked his fifth month in the GoTeam and Global Office tribe.

Jay works as a Customer Service Administrator for a U.S. client in the electrical services and smart home technologies business. He is part of Results Coach Monico Lim’s team on the night shift.

He thanked his clients, “especially Bea and Anja”, for welcoming him and thanked GoTeam, too, for making him part of the tribe. And why wouldn’t we?

Jay’s clients have mentioned how impressed they were with him.

“We watched him work not too long ago and were blown away by how fast he moves,” Bea and Anja wrote when they nominated him for this award. “And not one mistake was made. We were in awe!

“Jay really puts forth the extra effort to make sure that the work is done at the end of the day. He is one of our top performers. He has shown that he loves a challenge and will complete it with flying colors. ”



GO-VA 2021 Awardee Rommel In June 2021, our GoTeam and Global Office teammate Rommel Lee II found himself in a situation that working parents dread. His son needed to be hospitalized that month.

Yet Rommel “did not let this impact the work at all,” his client Kate wrote. “He ‘found a way’ to make client deliveries still happen, regardless of the time of day, and made sure that the experience for others was seamless.”

“Rommel was so client-focused, ensuring he would be able to execute the delivery while still maintaining what he needed to do in his personal life to care for his family.”

Rommel, who joined the tribe in April 2021, works as Operations Coordinator for a U.S. professional training group that works with business leaders across four continents. He works on the night shift with Results Coach Francis Manzanares’s team.

In his acceptance speech, Rommel said the award caught him by surprise. “I want to thank my personal family, my GoTeam family, and my client, who are all good to me. All is good, so far, since I started here. I feel blessed to be part of GoTeam and to be assigned to my client. I appreciate everyone.”



GO-VA 2021 Awardee ErlynErlyn Munda won this award in October, in just her third month with the tribe.

She works as an Accounts Payable Specialist for a U.S. business that provides electrical services and smart technologies for both residential and large-scale commercial projects. Erlyn works during the night shift with Results Coach Monico Lim’s team.

“Erlyn has far exceeded the expectations of the amount of work a person can get done in one way. She consistently processes between 150 and 175 invoices daily, and our initial expectation was between 100 and 120,” wrote her client RJ.

“Despite the amount of work she gets through, she is always humble and grateful. She always mentions how grateful she is to be a part of our team.”

Erlyn’s surprise after learning that she had won this award was palpable: “It’s really unexpected and I feel overwhelmed. I have no words.” She thanked her client for welcoming her and for “really treating me as their family and part of the team, even though we are offshore.”

Humility is the second award to be updated this year. We are open to listening to others. We seek the third alternative. It may not be my way or your way; together we commit to finding the best way.


GO-VA 2021 Awardee DivinaOur Gratitude Awardee for 2021, Divina Mikaela Bartolata, is on track to celebrate her third GoTeam and Global Office work anniversary in January 2022.

She won this award in September when her client Jennifer pointed out that whatever task or project she is given, “she always accepts it with gratitude and never turns away.” Divina works as a Recruitment Admin for a recruitment agency in Texas that focuses on the paper and packaging industries. She works during the night shift with Results Coach Klevin Austria’s team.

“I would like to thank my family, my sister most especially, my client, and my GoTeam family,” Divina said when she accepted her award. “I’m thankful for winning this award and very grateful for every opportunity. I’m very happy that I got this award for this year. Thank you, everyone!”

Her sister Loriza joined the tribe about seven months before Divina did and won the Find a Way Value Award within her first four months. As a Customer Success Coordinator for an education and corporate training institute in Australia, Loriza also won the CEO Award in June 2019.

Clearly, the ability to deliver exceptional results runs in the family. 



GO-VA 2021 Awardee BarbetteBarbette joined the tribe in April 2021 as an Executive Assistant for a property asset management business based in the U.K. She won the Drive Value Award in September, in just her fifth month with us.

Barbette works during the night shift with Results Coach Francis Manzanares’s team.

“We don’t know how we survived without her!” her client wrote. “We have tried other outsourcing firms before. She has given us the confidence that it can work! We will now be expanding our admin team with GoTeam!”

That’s one of the most beautiful rewards of doing exceptional work: creating opportunities for others and their families.

In accepting her award, Barbette thanked her mother and made many of us who were watching teary-eyed.

“She raised me well and I’ve become very confident, if that’s what this award means. She trained me early in life,” Barbette said. “Thank you for the recognition. It means so much to me!”



GO-VA 2021 Awardee Catherine“Nothing is too hard. I’ll just Google it.”

Catherine Manatad joined the GoTeam and Global Office tribe in December 2020 and won this award in July 2021, soon after completing her probation period. She works during the day shift with Results Coach Jose Rhandy Belarmino’s team.

As a Franchise Administrator for a chain of property management and real estate agencies in New South Wales, Catherine impressed her clients with her unwavering attitude and her “willingness to get in and do whatever needs to be done.”

“We feel very blessed to have you as an integral part of our team,” wrote her clients Jax, Leanne, and Harry.

Catherine expressed her thanks for the opportunity to work “with these amazing people!”

“I’m very grateful for having them as a team; they’re all so caring and accommodating, and very understanding. Thank you so much!”




GO-VA 2021 Ambassador Nikki
When people wonder what it would be like to work with us, the GoTeam and Global Office Ambassador stands out as an example of the caring, kind, and supportive teammate we would all love to work with.

In 2021, the example that stood out was that of our Wellness Officer Nikki April Surigao. Nikki works during the day shift with HR Manager Salvador Avila as her Results Coach.

Nikki joined the tribe in March 2020, when the quarantine restrictions began to take effect in Cebu, and she immediately played a crucial part in helping everyone feel safe.

In accepting her special award, Nikki thanked Fiona, Matt, the GoTeam internal team, and “all the team members who supported me since Day 1. Thank you very much!”





GO-VA 2021 CEO Awardee MadelineOne of the amazing things about our CEO Awardee is that for every single one of our core values, her client could remember an example of how Madeline Guantero embodied it in her attitude, choices, and results.

Madeline works as an Accounts Receivable and Billing Specialist during the night shift. She belongs to Results Coach Monico Lim’s team. She joined the tribe in July 2021.

Her client, who leads an electrical services and smart home technology business in the U.S., praised Madeline for showing great care in her work, such as by double-checking for precision. She always asks the right questions, is grateful in everything she does, and shows both her strong drive and resourcefulness at work.

“She is the top performer on my team!”

True to form, Madeline graciously thanked her clients, results coach, and GoTeam. “This is an amazing opportunity. I will be forever grateful…for the overall support. Thank you!”

Congratulations to all of our awardees for 2021!


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