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Work-from-home and office-based virtual assistants in the tribe gathered in a virtual conference to listen to plans for a telemedicine benefit.

How many people would you like to see get free access to a doctor’s advice, without having to go to a clinic?

In the first of GoTeam’s Discover You monthly virtual events last July 3, CEO Fiona Kesby and Founder Matt Kesby announced that free telemedicine services will soon be available for up to 6 persons per team member. This means that even those who aren’t covered by HMO will still get to consult a doctor online.

The chat box lit up with messages of thanks and support.

Kathrina M. commented that such a service would be so helpful for her senior parents, who can’t leave their home under strict community quarantine rules. Apple S. pointed out that most people, senior or not, have been afraid to go to hospitals or clinics this year because of COVID-19.

Access to telemedicine services for GoTeam team members and up to 6 dependents will be provided via, a remote video support service designed, built, and  maintained in Cebu by the GoTeam and SimpleRent dev team. 

“How many people would you like to see receive free telemedicine appointments?” Matt asked the tribe. 

In that question was a reminder to pay attention to opportunities for growth in the midst of this pandemic. The more GoTeam and Global Office-VA grow, the more families can gain medical advice, which has never been more valuable than today.  

Just 3 weeks before that first monthly virtual event, GoTeam and SimpleRent had hosted a virtual conference where the author Mark Moses, founding partner of CEO Coaching International, challenged participants to keep pursuing “huge, outrageous targets.” 

Fiona and Matt Kesby at the GO-VA Discover You lunch
GoTeam CEO Fiona Kesby and Founder Matt Kesby present the latest wins and other highlights to the tribe during the first Discover You virtual monthly event.

GO-VA Virtual Assistants

Fiona mentioned that access to telemedicine was an idea partly inspired by a friend who leads another business process outsourcing company within Cebu I.T. Park. and who had referred her to one of their company doctors. “This is the beautiful part of believing in the theory of abundance,” Fiona said.

One of the highlights of the virtual event was the abundant interaction among teammates, who were distributed all over Metro Cebu and some towns in Cebu Province. (Most hadn’t seen their work friends for more than 3 months at that point!) Thanks to the polls and virtually non-stop chat messages, it felt like an interactive experience. We may not have seen each other face to face, yet we saw eye to eye on many ideas.

As a response to one of the questions raised, Fiona confirmed that work-from-home will continue to be an offering within GoTeam. Using platforms and other tools fully will be a key part of fostering engagement and building an even more remarkable culture.

How else can we use this platform to Discover You, transform your lives, and connect as well?” she asked.
Preparations were underway as of July to conduct a daily 10-minute workout that Results Coach Joseph will lead, as well as breathing and meditation sessions on some mornings. The Pantry, a virtual break room, will be open 24/7 and has been available since July 7. Matt has also hosted Ask Matt Anything (within reason) sessions and a training event on the same platform. 
Teammates can book access to the virtual conference platform to host family gatherings and celebrations (baptisms, birthdays, weddings) during the weekends.

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Values Awardees 

In the midst of this year’s rapid changes, there are some practices we don’t wish to change. Celebrating GoTeamtribe mates who show our core values in action is one of them. 

CARE AWARDEE: Michael C., Results Coach
A colleague in the Internal Team nominated Mike C. for the award, after observing how kindly he supported nearly 100 teammates by coordinating their vehicle pick-ups, updated ID cards, and certificates of employment; preparing the letters to support their requests for quarantine passes from local governments; and responding to various questions. He didn’t lose his patience once, and was empathy and care personified.

DRIVE AWARDEE: Angela Marie Faye N.,  Data Research Analyst
“Angela is a very quick learner. She picked up the role extremely quickly after starting and training with Joanne…She is a quick worker and always  gets her daily tasks done. If there is a day we are very busy, she offers to stay back to finish the job, even though she does not need to do this.”
– From her client Kate P.

HUMILITY AWARDEE: John Ivan G., AutoCAD Engineer
“Ivan has been one of the pillars of our success. His attention to detail is flawless and he always turns up work with no questions asked. He remains a respected member of our team but still doesn’t take credit for the success of our business.”
– From his client Simon S.

LEARN AWARDEE: Justin Paul D., Data Admin
“Justin is very dependable and positive. He has a can-do attitude and has been quite instrumental in bringing down our queue. I look forward to seeing what new challenges we can have him tackle. He has worked on a side project and has exceeded the results we were asking. He continued to improve and learn doing the way.”
– From his client Alex M. 

GRATITUDE AWARDEES: Michelle S., Chief Happiness Officer, and Jason H., Assistant Videographer
“The work that you did on putting together the Summer Camp Kris Kringle came while we were looking for ways to make people feel safe while they’re away from their families. It was so impactful that we’re going to digitize this concept as a way to connect with others.”
– From GoTeam Founder Matt K.

EXECUTE AWARDEES: Jastine O. and Jessa Makiling, Data Researchers
“They both possess the skills and the initiative to get the job done long before the due date and to ensure the quality of work being presented at all times. They always come to work full of energy and positive vibes, and always have the thirst to learn and accept criticism in a positive aspect. They help to contribute as well better ideas and think outside the box for better research strategies.”
– From Team Leader Hazel G.

CEO AWARDEE: Gene Ann G., Recruitment Admin
“Gene is consistently making a positive impact. She is attentive, keeps me well informed at all times and only ever needs to be asked to do something once. Her willingness to want to improve or do things better whilst driving towards the common goal of the business is highly commendable. She is proactively wanting to get more involved in the business and expand upon her current role, which I admire as it shows dedication to her career and the business. On top of that, her attention to detail is fantastic and her phone etiquette is brilliant.”
– From client Dan M.

Congratulations, awardees!

Starting in July, the core value of Learn has been reworded as the value of Discover. 

Fiona and Matt said they wanted to emphasize that gaining new skills and insights would be better seen as something individuals and teams choose to do (that sense of discovery that’s inspired by curiosity and humility combined), rather than something they have to be prompted to do (the way children are asked or told to learn in school.)

At its core, the value’s challenge stays the same: to open ourselves to the idea that while every change may bring doubt or fear, it also arrives rich with opportunities


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