Looking for a Better Job? First, Decide What Thoughts to Leave Behind


Bring your latest resume. Practice what you’ll say in your application video. But leave certain thoughts behind. If you want to begin a more remarkable career in 2022, apply this advice.

The GoTeam Quick Look:

  • There’s a flip side to The Great Resignation and that’s the opportunity to land a new job that fits your career and life goals better. What can you do to make the most of it?
  • Here’s powerful advice from a neuroscientist who once meditated his way back to good health after a disastrous road accident had paralyzed his limbs.


You stay up late. Check your phone every half-hour, if not more often, to make sure you’ve missed no message. You worry about what impressions you may have created.

Applying for a job is not exactly an ordeal.

It offers some highs, like the excitement you feel when your first interview with the recruiter goes better than you had imagined.

Or when the person who could be your next manager appears impressed by what you’ve said.

Still, applying for a job can test your patience. It can trigger moments of self-doubt, if not self-pity.

If it helps any, remember you’re not the only one feeling that mix of anticipation and worry that comes with the job-hunting process.

In 2021, more people worldwide searched for “how to start a business” than “how to get a job,” Google reported in its Year in Search report.

Yet on any given day, untold millions spend hours preparing themselves for a job interview or taking an online exam, or updating their CVs.

Or rehearsing what they’ll say in a video that’s required to complete their application.

Who knows how many, each day, must cheer themselves up after being told that the potential client had passed? That the recruiters had found someone else who seemed a better fit for that particular opportunity?

Applying for a job is no ordeal. But it’s a challenge, all right.

You can scour the jobs boards or recruitment sites for advice that’s meant to help you ace that job interview or present yourself as someone whose values align with those of the company you’re trying to get hired by.

One of the most useful suggestions we’ve found comes from the chiropractor, author, and corporate consultant Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Let Go of the Past

Now, “let go of the past” sounds like advice tailor-made for survivors of trauma.

Yet it makes perfect sense in the context of applying for a job, whether it’s your first one or your fifth. You can’t step boldly into the future you want to create for yourself and your family if you keep looking back at what you used to do.

Or as Dr. Dispenza puts it: “Can I be defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past? What do I want my life to be?”

We were introduced to his work in one of our December 2021 Exceed Institute sessions with GoTeam Founder and CTO Matt Kesby. And if you’ve studied or practiced meditation before, some of his advice (like centering yourself in the present moment) will be familiar.

Letting go of the past compels us to “decide what thoughts we can’t bring to our future.”

These self-limiting beliefs may be familiar, too, because we’ve all had them at some point.

“I can’t do this. It’s too difficult.”

Or: “I’m just not good at presenting reports at all. I can’t change that about myself.”

“It’s the recruiter’s fault. He wasn’t even paying attention to what I said.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Decide on what behaviors, actions, or unconscious habits you have to change. How do you talk? Do you complain? Do you blame others? Do you make excuses? Do you feel sorry for yourself? Just become so conscious of those behaviors that you’ll never go unconscious again.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Author, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

Apply With Confidence - GoTeam Philippines
When you apply for a job, pay attention to what you tell yourself.

After all your preparation, after all the care you put into setting your career goals and documenting your work history, remember to release the burden of self-limiting beliefs.

There’s not much you can do about the future if you belittle who you are at present.

Or forget what you’ve accomplished on the way here.

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