A Fusion of Fun & Future - GoTeam's Web Developers Attend & Light Up The InnovAI8 AI Summit

Imagine an event where fun meets the future!

Recently, our team of web developers had a fantastic experience at the InnovAI8 Shaping Tomorrow AI Summit, conducted by GoTeam and led by our very own Founder and Head of Execution and Software Product Development, Matt Kesby. The 2-day AI Summit that unfolded last August 23 and 24,2023 was a melting pot of exciting ideas and innovations, attended by both tech enthusiasts and industry leaders. 

The summit’s diverse range of presentations, lectures, and brainstorming provided invaluable insights into the cutting-edge advancements in AI and their potential impact on various industries, leaving the attendees inspired and eager to incorporate these innovations into GoTeam’s web development projects. 

Day 1 Revelations - A Leap into the Future of AI

On Day 1, we began with a fantastic introduction and presentation on AI by our very own Matt Kesby. His clear and insightful presentation on why we should never fear the transformative power of AI set the tone for an enlightening day of exploration and learning. 

Following Matt was Ian Holtz, the Head of AI of Amazon Web Services (AWS) across Asia and Japan, who expanded further on the potential of AI, specifically on how to use AI to make the work faster, improve how they interact with customers, and come up with new ideas through innovation. 

Day 2 Insights - AI's Generative Potential

On the second day, Derek Thomas, a prominent figure in the AI community at Hugging Face, shared valuable insights about harnessing the power of AI to create thousands of useful AI models for the benefit of the entire community. 

Additionally, it is imperative to highlight that this online community has consistently spearheaded developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, contributing further to the massive potential of AI. 

To add more spice to Day 2 was Rory Flynn of Midjourney. Rory impressed the crowd with his deep knowledge of how AI can change the marketing landscape. He clearly explained how Midjourney’s AI strategies are changing on-trend marketing campaigns, reiterating how these approaches will transform the world someday. 

GoTeam Propelling Into The Future

It is our pride that GoTeam is no stranger to the power of AI. We already have a suite of AI-enhanced web tools, including Dothis.to, a task management application, Huddleboard.app, a platform for dynamic workflow creation, R24, an application management platform, and other AI-powered tools that are currently up and running in our system. Each tool leverages AI to simplify operations and enhance the user experience for both our clients and team members. 

Unlocking The Essence of Joy & Future

Indeed, it’s also essential to have both learning and fun. The InnovAI8 AI Summit showed this by having a fun networking event. This was an excellent opportunity for all attendees to unwind, understanding that technology should increase productivity and make the process enjoyable. 

After the 2-day AI Summit, GoTeam’s web development teams were brimming with fresh ideas, newfound insights, and a renewed enthusiasm for applying the knowledge that they have gained. Our teams eagerly anticipate utilizing these new insights to enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of our AI-powered web tools. 

In essence, attending the InnovAI8 AI Summit wasn’t merely a session – it was a profound experience that illuminated the vast potential of a future enriched by AI. At GoTeam, we are thrilled to be part of this journey, and we also look forward to transforming our platforms with innovative technologies that will enhance the user experience and drive even greater success for our clients and our team members as well. 

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GoTeam continuously stood out as the first game changer across the industry, when it comes to innovation and technology. Join us as we are poised for record-breaking impact and unveil the happenings of January 24-25, 2024, during the InnovAI8 Summit - Empowering with AI.