High Five with the Tribe

Clear skies, blue waters, and a tribe full of energy and passion! It has been five years of being brave, resilient, and remarkable.

It was a great day to celebrate our 5th anniversary at the Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort last Saturday, May 18, 2019. The internal team, headed by our Chief Happiness Officer, Ivy, organized the fun-filled event. Our tribe was divided into four teams, namely:

  • Green Wave Team
  • Team Hydra (Red Team)
  • Yavapai: People of the Sun Team (Yellow Team)
  • Untoucha Blues (Blue Team).

The event was hosted by three of our Results Coaches—Lloyd, Nathan, and Karen— and was opened with a speech from Matt and Fiona Kesby, Founder and CEO of GoTeam, respectively.



The event highlighted two activities. First, we had the Tribal Chant and Cheer. The teams were given a maximum of three minutes each to perform their respective Tribal Chants and Cheers. We were all surprised by how the teams prepared for their chants and cheers, given that they only had a few days to prepare, and how—without being asked—each team incorporated our core values into their cheers. This proves that each team member lives and breathes the GoTeam values. Watch each fun performance below:


Another fun activity we had was the Tribal Challenge—think Survivor. The teams had to complete three challenges, and the first team to finish won. Our values were incorporated into each challenge. The first challenge called for us to help one another because we care about achieving results; the second challenge reminded us that we always find a way; the last challenge taught us that we lead better when we communicate well.

Both the scores for Tribal Chant & Cheer and Tribal Challenge were considered in hailing the overall champions. The 3rd placers were Green Wave and Team Hydra; 2nd place went to Team Yavapai: People of the Sun; and the overall champions were the Untoucha Blues.
After the festivities of the Cheer and Challenge, the team settled down for an inspiring speech from our Founder, Matt Kesby. Watch his speech below:

The anniversary celebration was indeed the best monthly celebration we have had. The day really captured the unique culture of GoTeam, being a values-oriented organization. Our biggest thank you to our Chief Happiness Officer, Ivy, for organizing yet another fun and grand celebration. It just keeps on getting better every time.

It is true that when you love what you do and you’re enjoying it, time goes by so fast. We’re just all so excited to witness another five years and more years to come!


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