GoTeam‘s Better Together Studio Grand Opening

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Last November 23, 2023, we leaped into the next exciting phase of our AI adventure. As the first game-changer for Cebu, we proudly opened our Better Together Studio setting to host 40 AI-Focused Live Stream Workshops each week, dedicated to advancing how teams apply AI at work to enable results. 

What's in Store at GoTeam's Better Together Studio?

At the heart of Better Together Studio is our commitment to fostering meaningful connections and efficient team collaboration. The studio will also serve as a platform for onboarding new GoTeam team members and a hub where our potential clients and partners experience a smooth integration process, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and resources to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of modern technology.

Additionally, the Better Together Studio aims to provide a Netflix-like experience with the perfect combination of live and on-demand engaging workshops designed to propel your organization and career forward. Starting in January 2024, these workshops will cover a wide range of topics, from GoTeam’s latest advancements in AI technology to cutting-edge business strategies, all free for clients, teams, and the community as well.

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GoTeam is NOT a BPO and it is not like standard outsourcing offshore either. We are a results enablement company, with AI-Powered team members! ~Matt Kesby, CEO and Co-founder

Looking Ahead To The Future

Indeed, GoTeam’s Better Together Studio marks a transformative shift for businesses and individuals, tapping into the potential of AI and other technological advancements. The studio’s dynamic workshops will also serve as a starting point to embrace AI’s potential and gain insights into approaches that lead to career success.

The Better Together Studio is certainly changing how we learn and grow by building a community-focused environment. It’s reshaping how we utilize the power of AI and modern business strategies, which will then pave the way for a future where innovation and collaboration become the prime focus.

Now, the question is, “Are you ready to be a part of this transformative journey?” Join our team and be part of the movement that is bringing people, progress, and technology together. The future of development is here, and indeed, it’s better together!

As you’re already here, take a look at these fantastic photos we’ve captured during the Better Together Studio Opening.

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  • Thank you! we’re thrilled about the possibilities ahead.

  • Nikko Aballe

    Congratulations on breaking new ground with the first-ever BTS(studio) in town. You’ve opened the doors to a world of innovation and endless opportunities. This studio is a launchpad for creativity, a hub for storytelling, and a center for community connection. Here’s to setting the stage for a whole new era of engaging, immersive experiences for everyone to enjoy!

    • Thanks a million for your kind words nikko! We’re excited to keep pushing boundaries and bringing even more innovative content your way. Stay tuned for what’s next!

  • Melody Calumpang

    Your new studio isn’t just a space; it’s a window to boundless creativity and endless possibilities! With cutting-edge technology and a world-class setup, you’ve created a stage for innovation, where every pixel sparks imagination and every stream ignites inspiration. Here’s to pioneering new narratives and transforming digital experiences in this visionary studio!

  • Meryl Chua

    Congratulations on unveiling your state-of-the-art livestream studio! It’s not just a studio; It’s a gateway to boundless creativity and unparalleled connectivity. Here’s to the countless stories, events, and inspirations that will find their stage in this innovative space. Cheers to crafting unforgettable moments and shaping the future of digital content!

    • Thank you so much mermer! Your support means a lot. We’re thrilled to bring this innovative space to life and can’t wait to share the excitement with everyone. Stay tuned for some incredible content coming your way!

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