Finding Fulfillment Amid the Great Resignation: Our Discover You Events for October 2021


If you want to feel fulfilled at work, it helps if you choose a work tribe that goes out of their way to welcome you and never stops finding a way to understand one another better. A recognition program that stays consistent with the company’s purpose and culture—and matches your personal values—also makes a big difference.

The Global View:

  • Virtual teams need to make the time to connect, which is what we did during our Discover You events for October 2021. We celebrated two milestones: (1) having more than 500 team members; and (2) becoming a Great Place to Work certified business!
  • Madeline, an Accounts Receivable and Billing Specialist, won the CEO Award for October 2021. Her client Spring described how Madeline has shown every one of our 7 core values at work. And you should see what a fantastic example of feedback-giving this client gave us!
  • We examined the idea of fulfillment in the self-discovery portion of this month’s events. What is one area of your life where you don’t feel as fulfilled as you’d like to be? 


Is there an area of your life where you’d like to feel more fulfilled?

If you’re between jobs at the moment—and as many as 4.25 million Filipinos were between jobs in September 2021, by the government’s estimates—being unfulfilled may be a familiar feeling.

Within GoTeam, there are plenty of reasons to feel fulfilled and grateful:

  • In October, we grew to 523 full-time team members, of whom 440 work with our clients, while 83 work in the internal team. There are more of us now in the tribe than in January 2020, and we are grateful for all this growth amid a pandemic.
  • As a result, at least 1,226 persons now have private medical insurance. All team members get free HMO coverage starting on their first day, and this benefit covers one dependent for free as well.
  • Our growth has also made it possible for 2,616 persons (team members and dependents) to gain access to 24/7 free, professional counseling for mental health support. Our Employee Assistance Program also makes professional legal and financial planning advice available for free to all team members and up to four dependents each.


Discover You: What is Your Desired State?

Despite all that, it is perfectly normal to feel somewhat unfulfilled in some areas of our lives.

For the Discover You session of this month’s event, GoTeam Founder and CTO Matt Kesby, our CEO Fiona Kesby, and the Results Coaches led the tribe through a brief workshop around the subject of fulfillment. (When you join the GoTeam tribe, you get plenty of opportunities to join short workshops like this.)

We considered three areas: (1) career and finances; (2) relationships and love; and (3) health and body.

Think of one area where you would like to feel more fulfilled.
What is your desired state?
Pause and acknowledge that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be right now.

Declare one action you will take consistently, which will bring you joy in your growth as you approach and achieve your desired state.

“When we forget to live in the present because our minds are too fixated on the future, we might end up creating suffering for ourselves,” Matt said.
That suffering can take the form of excuses, frustration, anger, disappointment, and resentment.
What will help is learning to be at peace with our current reality, even if we don’t necessarily agree with it.
It will also help to remind ourselves that we can change our current conditions—when we create a vision of what we want in our careers, our health, our mindsets, and our most valuable relationships.
And then take action, every day, to bring that vision to life.

If you’ve been looking for a work tribe where you will feel understood and cared for, have a look at our career opportunities on: GoTeam Careers

Our October Values Awardees

Getting an award for one’s efforts is one of the six most memorable ways team members can feel recognized at work. Private recognition, such as a thank-you note from a leader, customer, or colleague is another.

Writing about a Gallup poll in June 2016 on employee recognition, Annamarie Mann and Nate Dvorak suggested: “The criteria for recognition should align with the purpose, brand, and culture of the company and should reflect its aspirational identity to inspire others.”

Blanche Conlu of Global OfficeCARE: Blanche Conlu, Customer Success Analyst
Client: A U.S. professional training group that provides research-based assessment, development, coaching, and consulting services for leaders. They now work with global partners across four continents.

Blanche joined us in August this year and won the award within her second month!

Her client credited her with improving processes and observed that she is “always looking ahead to how to streamline work.”

“She is simply a joy and has a wonderful sense of self and humor.”

Her client Catherine B. wrote: “In the short time Blanche has been here, she has asked so many great questions to try to learn how to do the job effectively. She has implemented some great processes to help make the work streamlined. Excel master! Her determination and her constant want for knowledge are so impressive.”
What this award honors: We care deeply about the success of our clients, knowing that their success is our long-term success. We care about our workmates and treat everyone as we would wish to be treated.


Christian Famador, Global Office Value AwardeeDRIVE: Christian Famador, New Case Coordinator – Claim Processor
Client: A legal practice based in California that is committed to making the legal system more accessible to everyone. With a team of experienced personal injury attorneys, they work to obtain medical treatment and fair compensation for their clients.

“Since the first day that Christian started,” his client Nelly wrote, “he has shown his commitment to getting the job done. He will research and find ways to get to the bottom of any challenging task. He does not wait for me to tell him what to do or how to do the task; instead, he finds a solution on his own.”

Like his fellow awardee Blanche, Christian joined the tribe in August 2021.

He has often surprised his client with his innovative way of thinking. “I really appreciate his commitment to our company and hope he continues to succeed,” wrote Nelly.
What this award honors: We possess an internal drive to succeed and help our clients exceed their goals.


Tonet Lopez, Global Office Value AwardeeDISCOVER: Tonet Lopez, Remote Para Consultant
Client: Australia’s first vertically integrated health care recruitment group. They started more than 20 years ago as a doctor-owned and managed medical recruitment company.

Antoinette joined the tribe in June 2021 for a fixed-term project.

“Since she started, Tonet has been tenacious and eager to learn. Even though she was overwhelmed in the beginning, she kept pushing forward and seeking guidance when needed,” wrote her clients Terri, Nat, Fiona, and Charlie.

They praised her great work ethic and the fact that she “is very caring and easy to communicate with.” Her “amazing eye for detail” and openness to feedback, combined with her great work ethic, have made her a valuable contributor to the team’s success.

“She is very lovely, a quick learner, extremely helpful, and we are grateful for everything she does to support the team.”
What this award honors: We possess a thirst for discovering new skills and commit ourselves to extended learning.


Lindsay Limotan, Global Office Value AwardeeFIND A WAY: Lindsay Limotan, Executive Assistant
Client: A chartered accounting practice established 25 years ago in New South Wales. They provide taxation, audit, business setup advice, estate planning, and SME management services. They support clients by providing insightful data analysis to inform their decisions.

Lindsay joined her client’s business on the last day of August 2020.

“It’s been a challenging year for our team and I’m thankful that I have had you by my side to keep us in check and also make sure I’m on task,” wrote her client Brad D. “I love having you around and look forward to many more successful years together. When the pandemic is over, I would love to come over and meet you personally, too. Keep up being awesome!”

Lindsay won this award in her 14th month with the GoTeam tribe.

Her client praised her for her great problem-solving skills, honesty, integrity, kindness, and professionalism. How’s this for feedback? “I don’t want to let her work with anyone else as I don’t want them to try to steal her away from me.”

What this award honors: We take responsibility, accountability, and ownership of our actions. We embrace challenges and commit to finding resolutions to any obstacle.


Jay Sanciangco, Global Office Value AwardeeEXECUTE: Jay Sanciangco, Customer Service Administrator
Client: A U.S. business that provides electrical services and smart technologies for both residential and large-scale commercial projects, with customer service as its top priority.

Jay joined the tribe in May this year and won this award within his first five months.
“Jay really puts forth the extra effort to make sure that the work is done at the end of the day. He is one of our top performers,” wrote his clients Bea and Anja. “He has shown that he loves a challenge and will complete it with flying colors. We watched him work not too long ago and were blown away by how fast he moves, and not one mistake was made. We were in awe!”
With this award, Jay earned a nomination to the GoTeam Awards Night 2021, as did all of the other Values Awardees for each month.
What this award honors: We focus and execute to get the job done. We believe in measurements and creating winnable games across all the work we do.


Erlyn Munda, Global Office Value AwardeeHUMILITY: Erlyn Munda, Accounts Payable Specialist
Client: A U.S. business that won an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020. They provide electrical services and smart technologies for both residential and large-scale commercial projects.

Erlyn joined the tribe in the first week of July 2021 and quickly drew praise for her results.

“Erlyn has far exceeded the expectations of the amount of work a person can get done in one day,” wrote her client RJ. “She consistently processes between 150 and 175 invoices on a daily basis, and our initial expectation was between 100 and 120.”

“Despite the amount of work she gets through, she is always humble and grateful. She always mentions how grateful she is to be a part of our team. Erlyn has been a great addition to our team and always has a great attitude and is willing to help.”

In the GoTeam tribe, humility isn’t necessarily about meekness. Instead, it’s our commitment to practice Habits 5 (Seek first to understand, then to be understood) and 6 (Synergize) in Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

What this award honors: We are open to listening to others. We seek the third alternative. It may not be my way or your way; together we commit to finding the best way.


Day Dapiton, Global Office Value AwardeeGRATITUDE: Mary Day Dapiton, Project Manager, Muuvment
Client: An IT services organization based in Toronto. Among others, it has created a media streaming and campaigning platform that enables individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on the world’s most pressing issues.

Since she joined us in November 2020, Mary Day has won one of the monthly Values Awards twice: the Execute Value Award in September this year and the Gratitude Values Award the month after that.

“Day’s favorite sentence is ‘Thank you for your support’ but in fact, she herself provides a lot of support to the rest of us,” wrote her Results Coach Monico.
Day has earned a reputation for delivering requested tasks and items ahead of the deadline and for helping her team stay on course. We believe those two values, Execute and Gratitude, are closely linked.

The more we show gratitude and appreciation for our team members’ efforts, the more inspired everyone becomes to win the game and get remarkable things done.
What this award honors: We show gratitude for everything our clients, team members, and mentors help us with to exceed in our work. We do not take anything for granted.

Madeline Guantero, Global Office CEO AwardeeCEO AWARD: Madeline Guantero, Accounts Receivable and Billing Specialist
Client: With fellow awardees Jay and Erlyn, Madeline works with a U.S. business that won an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020. They provide electrical services and smart technologies for both residential and large-scale commercial projects.

We care. We have drive. We act with humility. We pursue discovery. We actively show gratitude. We love to execute. We always find a way.
Madeline joined the tribe in July 2021 and apparently wasted no time in showing how aligned she was with our core values.

For her part, her client Spring gave us a wonderful example of how to give specific and thorough feedback. For every one of the GoTeam values, she gave an example of how Maddy has shown that in her actions and in the way she relates to the team.

And that really made our day. Here’s what Spring shared:


Care: Maddy has shown great care in her work. She double-checks for accuracy and truly wants to make sure she has done it properly and correctly.
Drive: She possesses a strong drive that shines through in her daily work. She has brought my department up to speed where we were falling behind. She is the top performer on my team.
Humility: She humbly accepts all affirmation that is given to her and she truly is a team player. Never wanting to outshine anyone. Yet she does.
Learn (Discovery): She always asks the right questions which, in turn, helps her to be more successful in her job.
Gratitude: Maddy always has a grateful attitude in everything that she does and I find that to be so refreshing these days.
Execute: She is focused, driven, smart, and diligent. She has been the top KPI leader on my team every week.
Find a Way: If she comes across a tough situation, I have noticed that she can figure out a way around it without having to ask me. She is very resourceful.”


Congratulations to Maddy and all of our Values Awardees for October 2021!

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