Celebrating Remarkable Success at GoTeam’s Awards Night 2023

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Last November 25, 2023, GoTeam celebrated its annual Awards Night at the La Plage Events Centre, Mandaue Cebu City. Together with our CEO Fiona and Founder Matt Kesby, we gathered to honor our team members’ remarkable dedication and hard work.  

It’s also important to highlight that the families and friends of our team members also joined the celebration to witness the recognition of their loved ones’ achievements. Their presence certainly contributed to the sense of community and shared accomplishment of GoTeam as a whole, making the Awards Night a truly special occasion for everyone involved. Indeed, the grand event was full of smiles and laughter, creating an atmosphere we’ll always remember. 

Now, let’s go down memory lane and let us relive the moments that happened during the event. We shall never forget how these moments turn into memories that would eventually shape the story of GoTeam’s success. 

Values Awardees

GoTeam is committed to upholding the 7 Core Values that define our organizational goals and identity – Care, Drive, Discover, Find a Way, Execute, Humility, and Gratitude. During the Awards Night, we honor and recognize the team members who go the extra mile to embody these values. Congratulations to all outstanding team members who won the awards for the year 2023. Well done! 

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Also, the prestigious GoTeam Ambassador and CEO Awards were presented, acknowledging team members who excel in their roles and go above and beyond to represent the vision and mission of GoTeam. 

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GoTeam is NOT a BPO and it is not like standard outsourcing offshore either. We are a results enablement company, with AI-Powered team members! ~Matt Kesby, CEO and Co-founder

Amazing Surprises & Giveaways for GoTeam Team Members

Aside from commending the exceptional dedication of team members, GoTeam never forgets to add a touch of excitement to the celebration. Truly, the evening was overflowing with fantastic giveaways and surprises that added an extra layer of joy to the whole event. 

And of course, an Awards Night will never be complete without the selected Head Turners of the night. These team members’ unique styles and vibes definitely caught the overall team’s and guests’ attention. 

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A Night to Remember

On behalf of GoTeam, we thank everyone who joined us in this incredible moment. As we express our gratitude to the exceptional awardees recognized and the families and friends who shared in the celebration, we also extend our thanks to every amazing organizers, contributors, and attendees who made this night unforgettable. 

Also, a special note of appreciation goes to our CEO, Fiona Kesby, and Founder, Matt Kesby, who made this event possible. Their leadership and dedication have laid the foundation for the success we celebrate today. 

Lastly, this year’s theme is ‘Engage,’ encouraging us to actively participate, connect with one another and work collaboratively as a team. By actively participating in the success of GoTeam, each one of us contributes to a winning community that propels us toward even greater heights. Engage! Engage! Engage! 

Are you excited to be part of a collaborative and dynamic team? Explore our opportunities and join us for a fulfilling career journey! 

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