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How can we be more proactive and more effective teammates at work? Some pointers from our clients’ Values Award nominations for February. 

The GoTeam Quick Look

  • What can we learn from our February 2022 Values Awardees about being proactive?
  • One observation stood out: we had team members who went out of their way to show care even when they were reeling from the impact of typhoon Odette themselves.

Every so often, life surprises us. We were starkly reminded of this last December, when typhoon Odette interrupted most of the plans we had made for Christmas.  

When surprises like that arrive, we can lean on time-tested principles and habits to help us thrive amid challenges.

Be proactive, the first of the seven habits that Dr. Stephen Covey’s classic teaches us, reminds us to “develop our own power to choose actions and accept responsibility for our choices.”  

The more we practice this habit of personal responsibility, the more consistently we can pause after an event (or stimulus) and give ourselves the time to choose how to respond.

This is how we become individuals who respond on the basis of principles, values, and desired outcomes—instead of letting our emotions and whims take the wheel.  

What can we learn from our Values Awardees in February about being proactive? 

For a few weeks after the typhoon struck, our teammate Rick R. lost the power and internet connections to his home, as did so many of our colleagues.

During those weeks, one of Rick’s teammates, Rommel, welcomed Rick into his house so both he and his wife could work.

“He opened his doors to his colleague and friend. This is extremely impactful for Rick, who does not need to commute into the main office, saving him many hours, as well as accommodating his wife and infant daughter,” wrote their client Kate. At the time, Rick’s daughter was 8 months old.

“The compassion and care that Rommel has shown is so commendable. He is going beyond care and is so selfless in his actions.”

Our core values in action


Karen works as an Accounts Payable Virtual Assistant for a US corporate housing and property management provider that serves more than 30 cities. Karen works during the day shift with Coach Lorel’s team. She won this award in the same month as her first GoTeam work anniversary. 

This was her client Nichole’s feedback: “Karen is such a joy to work with! She is dependable, honest, trustworthy, efficient, a great communicator and overall, the perfect fit for our team!”

She is quick to respond to inquiries, task and deadline-driven, is thorough with invoice uploading, and always reaches out if there is an issue, bottleneck, time constraint or when she sees a possible improvement to the workflow. I appreciate Karen’s attention to detail and her drive.”


Marie Jan works as a Customer Service Representative for a business that runs multiple stores in the US East Coast that sell bicycle parts, accessories, and apparel. She works during the night shift with Coach Bucky and won this award in only her second month with GoTeam!

“She has been learning her new role really quickly,” wrote her client Brian. “She is very quick to ask questions to understand what she is doing. She has exceeded all the goals we have set for her in her first week.”


Cynree Jane (CJ) works as a Para Consultant – Recruitment Administrator for a medical recruitment agency that supports hospitals and clinics across Australia and New Zealand. She works during the day shift and won this award a month after her first GoTeam work anniversary.

“CJ has overhauled all our documentation into an easy and concise indexed system that provides our staff with simple and effective training manuals,” wrote her client Alan.

“CJ always goes above and beyond in her commitment to efficiency and nothing is too much hassle for her. She is always willing to help. We feel CJ has become part of the family and want to ensure she feels comfortable to discuss how we can build the position around her to ensure CJ continues to see us as a long-term prospect that will fulfill all her future career growth aspirations.”


Andrea Cristina works as the People and Compliance Coordinator for an Australian business that provides commercial cleaning for over 300 sites, including offices, industrial sites, and schools. She works during the day shift with Coach Manz’s team and won this award in just her first 90 days with GoTeam!  

“I genuinely believe that Andrea is a worthy recipient of the DRIVE and EXECUTE awards. Andrea is very responsive to our needs, very self-disciplined, and efficient,” wrote her client Troy. “She is a good cultural fit for our organization and even executed our ENRICH values (Efficiency, Never give up, Respect, Integrity, Customer-Focused, and Have a positive attitude).”

“In just 90 days, Andrea has really made a difference in our business. I’d also like to offer to bring Andrea to Australia for a one-week training program so she can meet first-hand with our team, if this is something that she would be willing to do.”  


Florence Diana works as a Recruitment Administrator for GoTeam, which she joined in November 2021.

“Florence is a great part of the team. She listens carefully to suggestions and is also very receptive to encouragement to take on new responsibilities and learning.” That’s the feedback from Karl, one of our Recruitment Team Leads. 

Our team is grateful for the opportunity to create and use software tools that have helped us thrive amid dramatic changes in the way everyone works. Among these tools is our own recruitment and applicant tracking system, which is easy to use both by applicants and their potential clients.

Yet what really sets our recruitment process apart is the combination of professionalism, effectiveness, and care that our recruitment team members like Florence practice.


Mirla works as a Purchasing Assistant for an Australian engineering, design, and manufacturing business. She joined the team in July 2021, won this award in her seventh month, and works during the day shift with Coach Lorel’s team.

“I have been very impressed by Mirla. She does everything that we needed someone in this role to do,” wrote her client Leia P.

“Mirla keeps me on my toes, too. She is not scared to ask questions, or to follow up with any of us until she has the answers that she needs. She’s always happy to go that extra mile and help when we are all busy, and the suppliers have all given me really great feedback.”

Each month, GoTeam hosts a gratitude celebration to thank team members for all their hard work, creativity, and results. At least twice a month (for the day and night shifts), we also gather for a Discover You event where we share that month’s wins and milestones (including work anniversaries)—and celebrate with our Values Awardees.

If you know someone who’s looking for a kind and caring workplace like ours, please  invite them to explore our career opportunities, most of which are work from home or hybrid roles!

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