Setting up for Bountiful Growth | GoTeam’s January 2021 Highlights


How much we’ll grow and in what areas of our lives will all begin with the thoughts that occupy our minds. As leaders at work and in our families, let’s choose our thoughts well!

For our first Discover You lunch for 2021, the themes that stood out were gratitude and growth.

CEO Fiona Kesby began with a presentation that featured developments in 2020 and in January 2021 that the whole tribe is thankful for.

We now have 404 individuals in the GoTeam tribe and nearly 100 open job opportunities to recruit for. Several of our clients, both on the day and night shifts, are expanding their GoTeams.

A total of 959 team members and dependents are covered by private medical insurance as part of the GoTeam tribe. As we work toward Bountiful Growth this year, this is a number that we look forward to expanding as well.

“Be really mindful,” Fiona advised, “of what you’re telling yourselves and what goals you are setting.”

All throughout 2020, Fiona and Matt, our founder and chief technology officer, have emphasized the importance of acting from a mindset of abundance, instead of scarcity.

And in our first Discover You session for this year, they recommended Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich.

Fiona and Matt also shared a video message from the Canadian self-help author Bob Proctor about attracting abundance.

While the video, uploaded on the Proctor Gallagher Institute’s YouTube channel, dates back to 2018, its message couldn’t be more appropriate after the challenges of 2020.

Abundance is our birthright. You and I have the ability to create abundance,

Bob said. “Understand this: it all starts in our mind. Most people are letting what they have now control how they see themselves. They let their bank account control them, they let the friends they have control them. They let their conditions and their circumstances control them. That’s not where we want to go. We want to go inside.

Everything starts from the inside out.”

Glowing feedback for our Values Awardees

Fifteen of our tribemates set an exceptional example for growth. Congratulations to our Values Awardees for January 2021!

CEO AWARDEE: Recruiters Vanessa, Ann, Karl, Cristine, Monaliza, and Jenelyn, GoTeam

It’s no exaggeration that nearly all of us in GoTeam probably wouldn’t be in this tribe we love unless we had received an assist from one of our recruiters, whether past or present.

“Over the last month, I have been receiving feedback from other people in the industry and from clients, and the feedback has been that GoTeam has one of the best recruitment teams in Cebu City,” Fiona said.

“Now, I always believed that, but this month, hearing it from multiple different people…I wanted to recognize all the hard work behind the scenes. The Recruitment Team have been staying up until 11 p.m. to do interviews…they will also jump in and help each other on roles, as well, to get people into those jobs as quickly as possible. Thank you! We truly appreciate you and appreciate that you’ve embraced all of the values at GoTeam.”

Vanessa celebrated her fifth year with GoTeam in July 2020. Last June, Ann celebrated her fourth year in GoTeam, while Jenelyn celebrated her second. Cristine will celebrate Year 3 this February 2021 and Karl will mark his first GoTeam anniversary. Monaliza celebrated her third GoTeam anniversary last November 2020.

Well done, Recruitment Team!

Image of GO-VA Recruitment Team 2021
CARE: Results Coach Monico, GoTeam

Image of Results Coach Monico of Go-VA and Global Office TeamA little over two months after joining the GoTeam Internal Team, Results Coach Monico won the Care Award. This award recognizes team members who show care and commitment for our clients’ long-term success, as well as a great consideration for everyone around them.

Fiona had heard from one of our U.S. clients that Monico was doing exceptional work.

“Jay had glowing feedback on you and your leadership, and what he appreciated most was when you could see an issue, you raised it with him,” Fiona said. “It made me very proud to hear this. I always pitch to potential clients that the Results Coaches are their ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground, and you have done exactly that. Thank you for taking such great care of one of our clients!”

DRIVE: Karen, a Metadata Librarian for an international media company based in Australia

Image of MetaData Librarian Karen of Go-VA and Global Office TeamKaren joined the tribe in September 2020 as a Metadata Librarian for an international media company that provides audiobooks and ebooks for public libraries in three countries. They’re also the business behind one of the leading audiobook brands in the world.

The feedback from Head Results Coach Carlos speaks of Karen’s motivation and her commitment to her client’s success. “Karen’s work ethic is excellent. She makes sure her tasks are complete daily. She delivers any given tasks efficiently.”

After her first virtual Tea with the CEO, Karen expressed her version of what bountiful growth for GoTeam might look like: a bigger number of team members, for whom it will soon be safe enough to meet in the office again.

(With teammates like you, Karen, the potential for growth is immense!)

HUMILITY: Clint, IT Network and Admin Support, GoTeam

Image of IT Network and Admin Support Clint of Go-VA and Global Office TeamThis award rewards the team or tribemate who “creates success but stays grounded and is modest about accomplishments.”

Since he joined GoTeam in August 2020, Clint has resolved many tribemates’ concerns with exactly the quiet confidence that this value enables. Our team of Results Coaches, who know as well as the IT Team do the occasional challenges that working from home can present, are thankful to Clint for his commitment.

“Clint best reflects this value, humility,” our Results Coaches said. “He has a can-do attitude, delivers the tasks, and stays modest.”

DISCOVER: Estela, an Executive Assistant for a prestigious leadership and executive coaching group in the U.S.

Image of Executive Assistant Estela of Go-VA and Global Office Team“Estela is truly invested!” her client Aubrey remarked. “I’m blown away by her ownership and proactivity.”

Estela joined the GoTeam tribe in October 2020 as an executive assistant for a U.S. group that coaches CEOs and other business leaders from all over the world. While she praised her client for being so humble and down to earth, Estela was praised herself for using her spare time to learn more about her client’s work, via webinars and podcasts.

Here’s how her Results Coach Nathan put it: “I must say you are a rock star, Estela! You devote intelligence, creativity, and time for learning new things in your work.”

Closely connected to our core value of Humility, the Discover Award rewards “a thirst for discovering new skills” and honors team members who “commit themselves to extended learning.”

GRATITUDE: Aries Paul, an Appointment Setter for a professional trading and education business in the U.S.

Image of Appointment Setter Aries Paul of Go-VA and Global Office TeamThe next award goes to team members who do not take anything for granted and who always acknowledge the help they get from clients, team members, and mentors.

Results Coach Benson observed that Aries “always comes into the office with an aura of happiness and he approaches the tasks at work in a very professional manner. He helps team members without hesitation and does not ask for anything in return.”

Aries works on the night shift, where we have seen more growth opportunities arise as our community of clients in the U.S. expands. His client’s business helps others better understand the financial markets and futures trading, which means team members like Aries can—if they choose to do so—also gain a good understanding of investment principles and techniques.
Aries will celebrate his first GoTeam work anniversary in May 2021.

EXECUTE: Mark, Von, and John, 3D and Revit Drafters for a property development and construction business in Australia
Image of Revit Drafters Mark, Von, and John of Go-VA and Global Office Team
The Execute Value Award honors an individual contributor or team’s ability to “focus and execute to get the job done.” In GoTeam, we “believe in measurements and creating winnable games across all the work we do.”

In 2020, the property and construction industry found itself having to reevaluate how our homes were designed and built. As the pandemic compelled billions worldwide to spend as much time as possible at home, these spaces had to serve other uses as well: as temporary classrooms, offices, and recreation centers.

Through all the changes, our Execute Value Awardees Mark, Von, and John stayed focused and productive. “The overall feedback of the client,” shared our General Manager and Results Coach Marnie, “is that they are dependable, efficient, and produce work of a high quality.”

Mark celebrated his fifth GoTeam anniversary in April 2020, while Von marked his second anniversary and John his fourth in July 2020.

FIND A WAY: Jasnar, a Listing Coordinator for a corporate housing and property management business in the U.S.

Image of Listing Coordinator Jasnar of Go-VA and Global Office Team“Jasnar is efficient, dependable, smart, and a great team player who’s always looking for ways to solve a problem or make our workflow more streamlined,” his client said.

That’s exactly what this GoTeam Value Award honors: the maturity to take “responsibility, accountability, and ownership of our actions.” Winners of this award have shown that for them, challenges are not obstacles. Rather, these are springboards toward the more competent and more confident versions of ourselves that we aspire to grow into.

His client also thanked Jasnar for his patience, his attention to detail, and for being a pleasure to work with. (“It doesn’t get any better than that on feedback, does it?” Fiona remarked during the awards presentation. “Keep up the good work! You are truly valued.”)

Jasnar celebrated his first GoTeam anniversary in June 2020.

He was also the tribe’s Hero of the Day for 6 August 2020, when his client praised him for his positive attitude, great work ethic, and the fact that he’s “always willing to take on new projects and is detail-oriented in all of them.”

As of the start of February, we have 92 job opportunities available. As our way of thanking them let’s help our Recruitment Team find exceptional candidates for these job roles.

Start by sharing our job posts on Facebook (GoTeam Careers) and LinkedIn with your friends and professional networks. When you get a chance to catch up with your alumni groups, ask if anyone’s looking for a more remarkable career.

After Bob Proctor read “Think and Grow Rich” in 1961, nearly 25 years after it was first published, he credited it with changing much about his life.
In one of his own books, which saw print in 2014, Proctor wrote that Napoleon Hill’s book was virtually “miraculous.” It captured “the near-mythological dynamism, excitement, and can-do spirit” of the early twentieth century.
Quote from Bob Proctor
Come join our tribe! We’re looking for accountants, appointment setters, copywriters, executive assistants, recruiters, social media admins, software developers, and more! Find the role that’s your first step toward your own year of abundance and growth here:

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GoTeam is a outsourcing company based in Cebu City in the Philippines. that connects business leaders in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries with the highly skilled talent they need, whether in their Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, or HR and Recruitment teams.

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