Rewarding our AI Trailblazers at GoTeam

We’re excited to announce the first-ever AI Enhancer Award, which will be given to one deserving team member who has gone above and beyond in their use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve our workflow. This award is a testament to our commitment to continually finding new ways to use AI to make our team more efficient and productive. 

At GoTeam, we're always looking for ways to reward our employees for their hard work.

Here at GoTeam, we recognize that AI technologies and innovation are the driving forces of our success. That’s why we created the AI Enhancer Award — to celebrate and reward exceptional employees who go above and beyond in embracing AI-based solutions on the job.  

We’re proud to honor individuals who use AI-driven strategies to help us stay ahead of the curve and promote efficiency, accuracy, and precision. It’s just one more way we value our people who always have an eye on the future, working diligently to make our company great! 

Kevin won AI Enhancer award for creating a participant’s guide on ChatGPT

For the month of January, we were thrilled to give Kevin Atadero from the Discovery Team the AI Enhancer Award for his excellence in creating a participant’s guide via ChatGPT.

With his innovative project, conversation-like interactions with machines are not only easier but also more enjoyable for everyone involved. We’re excited that his efforts have been recognized and look forward to more of the same from one of our most dedicated team members. Congratulations, Kevin! 

Are you an AI enthusiast? Do you want to stand out from the rest? Then this is your chance! We are now giving out our AI Enhancer Award to recognize and reward those who use Artificial Intelligence in their daily tasks and come up with processes for its successful implementation. As our little appreciation, the winner will receive Php 3,000!

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and show us just how passionate you are about AI! Reach out to your Leadership Coach for more details.

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