October Celebration: All the Lovely Lights


Pop culture tends to emphasise what’s dark and dreadful each October as Halloween approaches. But here at GoTeam, we chose to celebrate in a way that emphasises playfulness and family time.

For inspiration, we chose the Festival of Lights or Fête des Lumières, a tradition in Lyon that is meant to remind people of the values of togetherness and gratitude. Since actively showing gratitude is one of GoTeam’s core values, we felt that as a theme, the Festival of Lights would be a wonderful fit.

So, one Saturday afternoon, team members gathered in the lovely garden of La Vie Parisienne for games, a magic show, refreshments, and sweets.

We enjoyed the chance to see our teammates in a different light. Some arrived as creative cosplay enthusiasts who made the most elaborate costumes (check out Results Coach Lloyd as the Mad Hatter). Some were happy to play games and run around after their children. (Oops, sugar. Good thing we encourage so much candy only during this time of year.)

Like all of our monthly celebrations, our version of the Festival of Lights also gave us some time to unwind and catch up outside of our work environment.

For as much as we love to live by our values of Drive, Learn, Execute, and Find a Way, we know that our overarching value really is Care: caring for our families and investing in self-care. Meaningful celebrations are necessary pauses on the way to a more remarkable life.

We are thankful to all our teammates who celebrated with us, introduced us to their lovely children, and shared with us a wonderful October afternoon (and early evening) full of moments both lighthearted and illuminating.

We are GoTeam. Come join our tribe!

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