November Celebration: GoTeam Awards Night 2019


You could say we earned our stripes. Our nautical stripes, that is.

For the GoTeam Awards Night and Christmas Party, our organizers chose a nautical theme. Blue and red were recommended, and sailor stripes were the preferred motif.

But what really mattered was the reminder to celebrate being “anchored on the relentless pursuit of excellence.” It’s what we strive to do every day in GoTeam.

Our party organizers ran a tight ship to make sure everything went swimmingly. All the team members in attendance made waves. (OK, we’ve used enough nautical puns.) Lights shone like jewels on the ceiling of Ocean Park Cebu’s Vivace Events Center and helped set the tone for what would be a magical night.

Team members who best showed our core values in action received awards for their feats. Those who learned consistently, who always managed to find a way through or around every challenge, or smartly executed their tasks stood out.

Our first Chief Happiness Officer Ivy C. received the CEO Award, a well-deserved honor for someone who did so much this year to bring the tribe together and celebrate all our wins, both as teams and individuals.
With her thoughtfulness and care, Ivy organized our monthly events like the Lunch with the CEO and the tribe’s gratitude celebrations. She also made sure every team member who showed up early for work each month received a gift, both as a reward and a reminder.

We all need reminders to keep on learning and to overcome our self-limiting beliefs.

And that’s exactly what our CEO Fiona Kesby did as she expressed her wish for everyone in the tribe to prepare for an even more remarkable year in 2020.

There’s something almost magical about the end of one decade, a sense that some important change awaits just around the corner.

But we also know we need to to get the right conditions in place—audacious yet measurable goals, a positive mindset, and supportive peers—to accomplish anything meaningful

So, we spent the evening enjoying each other’s company and a delicious meal, whilst watching the manta rays and various fish gliding by along one wall of the lovely Insignia Hall. We hummed along as our most musically inclined team members performed on stage and we wished we could move as beautifully (and not strain any major muscle) as our G-Tribe performers did.

Most importantly, we celebrated with those among us who won awards because that’s precisely the point, isn’t it? To cheer for, be inspired by, and learn from those who consistently exceeded expectations.
To humbly embrace the fact that whilst we are all enough, there will always be something else we can learn.

In the midst of all the holiday cheer, we will take the time to think about what we want to accomplish not just for ourselves but for our families and our tribe.

We will get ready to ring in a new decade and be grateful for what it brings: a renewed sense of all the remarkable possibilities that await.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for making 2019 another memorable year for all of us in GoTeam.

Come join our growing tribe!

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