May 2019 Lunch with the CEO


This month’s CEO lunch was one for the books, as it was the first time our CEO, Fiona Kesby, addressed the entire GoTeam at our new head office — which is on the 9th floor of the i1 Building in IT Park, Cebu.
We’re also gearing up to provide better benefits for all team members at the IT Park office! Among the great things we’re looking forward to are the healthy and affordable meals which will soon be available at the pantry, an in-house doctor, and emergency daycare.

The next level is here, and we are more than happy to embrace it. Check out our new office in the video below:


To celebrate GoTeam‘s fifth year, the entire team – along with Matt and Fiona Kesby, founder and CEO, respectively – went out to the Maribago Blue Water Resort in Mactan, Cebu. It was a well-deserved break for all the hard work the team members have put in every day.

High 5 with the Tribe was a success, as everyone gave their all during the various activities and performances.

Read more about the High 5 with the Tribe celebration here

The “Win an Island Holiday” promo is still up and running! For each successful referral, a team member gets P5,000 – and the team member with the most number of referrals in 2019 will win an island holiday worth P20,000!

Winners will be announced in December 2019

We love celebrating milestones here at GoTeam! Anniversaries, most especially – and so we make it a point to recognize our team members who celebrated their work anniversaries. Congratulations on your work anniversaries! Continue to be remarkable, team!

A big congratulations as well to our CEO, Fiona Kesby, on her fourth year working in GoTeam Philippines! We are grateful for all that you do

Our mission is to create a remarkable work environment, where everyone feels safe, looked after, and most importantly, happy. We live by our values to create a culture ahead of others. Here are our Remarkable Team Members for the month of May:

Care Awardee

Rosmhar P.Para Simulation Consultant – Medical Recruitment Agency in Sydney
“Roshmar took three days off (very well-deserved break). Jennie and I realised how much work and value she adds to our team. We always knew she was wonderful but Rosmhar not being around was a shock to us, we realised that we can’t function at 110% without her!
While Rosmhar was on annual leave, she actually offered to do something urgent for me. That was such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. I said absolutely NOT but even the offer and thought blew me away and it reiterated how wonderful Rosmhar is.
We are lucky to have her supporting the team.”
– Client

Drive Awardee

Jessa L.Trainer – Financial Advice Services
“I just wanted to touch base and congratulate Jessa on the progress she is making in her new trainer role. The last few weeks I have seen such a big leap in her confidence in this role and her ability to juggle a million things at once. The emails Jessa is sending to team members with snippets and instructions to support them are incredible. Jessa is committing to putting notes in Asana and Bella and I are very thankful for the way she is approaching her training role in a busy time for us all. Keep up the great work, Jessa.”

Humility Awardee

Antonette M.Growth Coordinator – Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney
“Antonette is an excellent member of the team and we are really appreciative that we have her on board. She contributes greatly to making the team more efficient and helping us with any task, small or large. We love her positivity and her willingness which shines through. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment. I know the team is really looking forward to working with you more over the next few months.”

Learn Awardee

Desiree B.Client Services Administrator – Financial Advice Services
“Desiree has been asking intelligent/smart questions. We are very impressed with her knowledge and how quickly she adapts to the process.”

Gratitude Awardee

Chestere B.Researcher – Research Industry
“Chestere is one of the chosen few and only Filipino to be a part of The Australian Water Association that screens and review abstracts from applicants around the world. He continues to support the organization and is thankful for his clients for the opportunity and encouragements. He shows his gratitude by delivering results to his clients and their partners one research at a time.”

Gratitude Awardee

Kathleen G.Digital Marketing Coordinator – GoTeam Internal Team
“Kathleen showed her gratitude for the opportunity of working on the internal team by staying late and plugging in PCs on Friday night.”
– Fiona Kesby, CEO

Arielle F.Bookkeeper – Bookkeeping and Accounting Firm in Melbourne
“Arielle is pulling together and looking after things, big stars to them. She performs very well. Her client is very happy with her performance. She delivers her tasks efficiently and before the due date.”
– Client

CEO Awardee

Louis T.Sales Representative
“Louis has diligently been watching Matt’s videos and using the learnings to improve his job. Louise believes that it is also his duty to create more jobs by helping his client grow.”
– Fiona Kesby, CEO

The Road to 1,000 Stories is part of our drive to uphold a remarkable culture so we can build a remarkable team. As part of that drive, we aim to share our team members’ stories during CEO Lunch Presentations.
This month, we say hello to new faces and bid adieu to some we’ve grown to know and love.

We welcome our new Head of Operations, Zana, into the GoTeam team. Zana has an extensive background in handling commercial operations and is definitely a valuable addition to the team. She completed her degree in Economics in the UK, is CPA Qualified and finished her MBA at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

We also want to congratulate Horace and Louella on the arrival of their little bundle of joy, Baby Sid!

The entire GoTeam is also beaming with pride as one of our team members, Chestere B., received recognition for being one of the candidates who have successfully screened out and reviewed abstracts/full papers contained in the Ozwater ‘19 Conference Proceedings of the Australian Water Association. We’re proud of you, Chestere! You are indeed exceeding expectations!

Exciting news for all GoTeam members! Our CEO, Fiona Kesby, has been in talks with the people at Franklin Covey and we’re looking into getting an All Access Pass to their courses!

The Franklin Covey All Access Pass is a set of courses that include tools, assessments, videos, digital learning modules and all of FranklinCovey’s training courses. At GoTeam, we want to uphold the value of Learn and so we strive to make a difference – and we do that by ensuring we have access to as many relevant courses and learning resources as possible!

Having a Franklin Covey certification will definitely be a gamechanger! More information coming soon

There is never a shortage of motivation and encouragement at GoTeam. Our CEO alone showers us with valuable tips and advice that definitely motivate us to become better at work, so we can, in turn, create more jobs for the community.

This month, Fiona Kesby (CEO), left us with this:

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs. The future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so.”

Believe in yourself – because you are brave, you are resilient, and you are remarkable.

If you wish to join our growing tribe, click here to APPLY

We are GoTeam. Helping Businesses to scale and people to exceed. Home of your global team.


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