March 2019 Lunch with the CEO


Thought of the month:

You are not going to master the rest of your life in one day, just relax. Master the day, then just keep doing that every day.

Our March Lunch with the CEO reminds us that success is not achieved in one day; it takes a lot of resilience, grit, hard work, and patience to get to your destination.

Fiona Kesby, CEO of GoTeam, gladly announced that we have now 86 active clients – and 3 Virtual Assistant Partners. Our purpose is to help businesses scale and be a catalyst for people to exceed. The more clients we have, the more businesses we help achieve their goals, the more opportunities we’re able to create for remarkable people.


As we continue to slowly reach our goal of creating 1,000 jobs in the Philippines, our team has been a very big help in sourcing the best talents in Cebu and Clark. With this, the management launched the year-long “Win an Island Holiday Employee Referral Competition” wherein the team member who brings the most number of successful referrals at the year’s end would be entitled to an Island Holiday (of the team member’s choice) worth P20,000.

This month’s top contenders include last year’s winner, Joanne, who is still in the competition:
Camille A.
Charity M.
Daisy E.
Debie B.
Edmund J.
Katrina O.
Kyren C.
Micahel Y.
Michael G.
…and leading this month’s competition is Jinky C.

The winner of the competition will be announced in December 2019. Watch out for more updates.

Our mission at GoTeam is to create a work environment where everyone is happy. We value and celebrate our team members successes and help them grow while caring for them. Our huge congratulations to our team members who have recently been regularized and those celebrating their work anniversary.

Congratulations on your 6th months:

Rosanna A. – EA to the CEO
Karen C. – HR Process and Data Analytics
Chino C. -Financial Controller
Algin A. – Construction Estimator
Ariane E. – Data Researcher
Yvonne E. – Data Researcher
Benson B. – Delegate Telesales
Charmaine B. – Client Services Administrator
Roland L. – Estimating & Lead Generation
Kathrina M. – Delegate Telesales
Sheryl S. – Delegate Telesales
Daisy S. – Estimating & Sales Support
Julie S. – Training Assistant
Maricel S. – Company Nurse

Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary:

Rabina D. – Remote Para Consultant
Reyven B. – Full Stack Developer
Valerie R. – Client Services Administrator
Stephanie A. – Bookkeeper
Vynnese C. – Data Acquisition Officer
April C. – Social Media Manager
Angelic P. – Delegate Acquisition Executive
Cherleen P. – Recruitment Assistant

Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary!

Jeddah C. – Bookkeeper
Anne B. – MetaData
Mary Y. – Client Services Administrator
Angela M. – Administration Assistant
Johanna C. – Salesforce Data Administrator
Israeli E. – Architectural Designer

Congratulations to our 3rd Anniversary Celebrators:

Vinson S. – Client Services Administrator
Anne A. – Client Services Administrator
Dixie L. – Data Researcher

Last, but definitely not the least, our huge congratulations to David, our Telesales Representative VA for celebrating his 4th anniversary with us! You’re a legend!

We Live By Our Values
Our values together make us the remarkable people that we are. This month, here are our Remarkable Team Members for the month of March:
Care Awardee: Jean O., Finance Associate – Payroll (Cebu City)
Drive Awardee: Rose Thessa P., Finance Accountant (Cebu City)
Humility Awardee: Ide S., Virtual Assistant (Clark)
Learn Awardee: Rizza M., Virtual Assistant (Clark)
Gratitude Awardee: Marih B., Bookkeeper (Cebu City)
Execute Awardee: Israeli E., Architectural Designer (Mandaue City, Cebu)
Find a Way Awardee: Jill Dominique N., Recruitment Assistant (Cebu City)

Our CEO Award this month goes to Bernadette, our Senior Marketing and Sales Admin VA, who had very high praises both from our Virtual Assistant Partner, Victoria Nolasco, and her client from New South Wales, Australia. We’re so proud of you, Bernie!

Congratulations to all the winners! You make a very good example for the team!

Here at GoTeam, we take the best of the Australian culture and the best of the Philippine culture to create the GoTeam culture. Our CEO, Fiona Kesby, presented Individualism for this month’s culture tip.

Individualism is described as the degree of interdependence a society maintains among its members. In individualistic societies, people are supposed to look after themselves and their direct family only while a collective society, people belong to “in groups” that take care of them in exchange for loyalty.

Australia scores 90 on being an individualistic society, while the Philippines scores 32 on being in a collective society.

In an office environment, Australia being an individualistic society means employees are expected to be self-reliant and display initiative. Furthermore, hiring and promotion decisions are based on merit or evidence of what one has done or can do, not on the length of tenure.

The Philippines, on the other hand, being a collective society means employer-employee relations are perceived as a family link. Hiring and promotion decisions take account of the employees’ in-group, management then focuses on managing groups.

Our first “Road to 1000” story highlights on Niña’s trip to Australia. Her client sent her for training and to meet the team. Watch the recap of her exciting trip below:

Our 2nd Road to 1000 story this month is on Sandra’s birthday weekend. As we always mention on our social media posts, we take our team members’ birthdays a great big deal. Sandra’s client took it to a higher level! As a birthday treat, they gave her and her family an all-expense paid weekend holiday at Jpark Hotel and Resorts, one of the most famous resorts known to be the first Waterpark resort here.

The celebration continues! Our next Road to 1000 story spotlights on Sheila, our managing editor VA, who have proofread Irish Mike Grogan’s book entitled “Managing in the Philippines”. During the Christmas break last year, she had an opportunity to meet a Senior Editor, through her General Manager from Australia, and have asked her to edit the book. The book aims to help foreign leaders who are managing teams in the Philippines to help them understand what makes Filipinos great in terms of culture. In addition to that, it also aims to help leaders understand who Filipinos are as employees and world-class talent.

Another proud story this month is when our Dev Team was announced as a FINALIST  in the Australian Fintech Awards for the Payments Innovator of the Year category. To celebrate, our CEO, Fiona Kesby, has prepared a sumptuous dinner. Watch the fun celebration below.


Last but definitely not the least Road to 1000 Story this month is when Fiona had her first ever public speaking. She was invited to conduct a workshop on how to gain confidence and how to negotiate to celebrate women empowerment and helping them succeed in their chosen fields by Womenwill by Google Business Group (Cebu). She shared how she prepared for the said event and how the event went through.
We’re so proud to be lead by an empowered woman like you, Fiona!

To wrap this month’s celebration, Fiona left us with a hack. She called it the “Take 5”. With this month’s motto which says, “You are not going to master the rest of your life in one day, just relax. Master the day, then just keep doing that every day“, this hack will definitely help. Here it goes:

5 deep breaths: Inhale for 5 seconds, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds then do that 5 times.
4 minutes of silence: Take this time to meditate and clear your mind out.
3 things you’re grateful for: Write them down on your journal. It could be as simple as waking up on time this morning.
2 things you plan to get done today: This could be 1 personal and 1 work related or all work related or all personal. Your choice. The goal is to finish 2 things today.
1 reason why this is important to you: What is your purpose for doing what you’re doing? What is your why?

We believe in you!  If you wish to join our growing tribe, click here to APPLY

We are GoTeam. Helping Businesses to scale and people to exceed. Home of your global team.

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