Level 8 Unlocked: GoTeam’s 8-Year Anniversary

At GoTeam, we love celebrating wins, and celebrate we did—with a BIG SPLASH!. 

On June 26, 2022, GoTeam booked out Waterworld Cebu to celebrate eight years of togetherness – a remarkable milestone for a team of remarkable people. It was the first time since 2019 that the team came together to celebrate GoTeam’s business anniversary. 

Level 8 Unlocked: GoTeam’s 8-Year Anniversary

What sets GoTeam apart from other companies is our caring culture, where we value team members as a Whole Person and ensure that perks, benefits, and engaging activities like our Level 8 Unlocked event contributes to the person’s overall well-being and sense of belongingness.

Level 8 Unlocked: GoTeam’s 8-Year Anniversary

Part of our caring culture is understanding the celebratory moments such as this should be shared with family as well. After all, they are the ones who stand by our team members, who stand as support systems so that TMs would be able to grow into their roles and become effective members of GoTeam. Because of this understanding, we make sure family and loved ones also get to celebrate our wins.  

Level 8 Unlocked: GoTeam’s 8-Year Anniversary

Our Chief Happiness Officers have designed the event to cater to everyone – team members, their children, and other family members. For the kids, movies were played all throughout the day to entertain them. They were also allowed to spend tons of fun (and safe) pool time (kids loved the water!) 

Engaging activities were done throughout the event – this included the Bingo games, Amazing Race, Picture Perfect, Banig Challenge, and “Swim with the Current.” 

Fiona and Matt Kesby at Level 8 Unlocked: GoTeam’s 8-Year Anniversary

Our CEO Fiona Kesby and Founder Matt Kesby hosted the festivities, by welcoming each team member and their families, and of course, by recognizing all those who have embodied an exceptional skills and qualities that contribute to the growth of GoTeam. 


A staple at every Filipino celebration is the BINGO game! And of course we had some fun bingo time at the event – we would not have missed this! 

Winning the easy round is Kate, a GoTeam member’s plus-one; the intermediate round bagged by Denmark Briones, Angelica Tomnob, and Stephanie Alviar; and the hard round dominated by Ramil, another GoTeam member tag-along. 


8k for 8 Years 

One of the highlights of the event was the 8k for 8 Years race. Amazing to see our GoTeam members in action for this activity. Congratulations are in order for our winners:

The extra mile award went to Ruth Cuevas, who finished a whole 11.93 kilometers at 1 hour and 57 minutes! Amazing! 👏 

It’s Better Together​

Working together as a team, helping our clients’ businesses scale, and encouraging our fellow GoTeam members to exceed is what has made our company a certified Great Place to Work. 

Indeed, we are better together. 

Looking forward to the next remarkable stretch – see you at Level 9! 

GoTeam Cebu Philippines At Waterworld

Watch the Level 8, Unlocked Event Highlights here:

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