June 2019 CEO Lunch Presentation


One of the most major milestones in GoTeam history (so far) happened this month when the team moved to our new head office here at the IT Park. Each team member worked hard and cooperated with one another to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible (some even went out of their way to come in during the weekends to help plug in computers and arrange desks!)

Our CEO, Fiona Kesby, opened this month’s Lunch Presentation by reminding everyone of GoTeam’s Purpose, Mission, and Vision.

“Help Businesses to Scale and be a Catalyst for People to Exceed.”

“Create a safe work environment where everyone is HAPPY.”

“To create 1,000 jobs in the Philippines and be known for having a REMARKABLE CULTURE.


Every day, we come in and do purposeful work. It’s not just about having a place to go to and sit and earn. It’s about making a difference in our lives (by being proud of our remarkable career), our clients’ lives (by taking the burden of mundane tasks off their backs), and to the Filipino workforce (by generating more jobs in the Philippines). Doing good work does pay off, a thousand-fold at that!

GoTeam’s Relentless Pursuit of Excellence is not only a concept, but a way of life – to say the least. When you come to work thinking about what goals you can crush, about what impact you will make, and about whose lives you can touch without thinking, “what’s in it for me?” – then you are on the right track!

Remember that purpose inspires excellence, and if you are purposeful in everything you do – especially in your career – then you exceeding expectations and achieving excellence should be easy.

It’s no secret that GoTeam started small – with one virtual assistant, Ian Ramos. Today, we are close to 400 members, with 85 active clients. So far, we are showing no signs of slowing down! Upward and onward, as we mentioned in the previous month’s CEO Lunch Presentation.

Congratulations on your work anniversaries! Continue to be remarkable, team!

We Live By Our Values: Values Winner for June

Our mission is to create a remarkable work environment, where everyone feels safe, looked after, and most importantly, happy. We live by our values to create a culture ahead of others.

Here are our Remarkable Team Members for the month of June

Blessy G. – Data Admin VA – Market Research Company
“Blessy continues to be a wonderful asset to our team. She executes her duties with efficiency and compassion.
In the last 2 months, she’s been given new responsibilities of handling the social media inquiries that can be quite challenging for a native speaker. I have been most impressed with her ability to assess a difficult ticket situation, present the issue and offer resolution options when coming across new challenges. This type of thinking is exactly what would be ideal from any top member of a support team. She continues to be a wonderful QA-minded player showing a wonderful aptitude for troubleshooting and makes very logical leaps with new tech and new app configurations and is also highly detail oriented when documenting new issues.” – Client

Abigail C. – Resident Support – Property Management Firm
“Abigail Ceniza has been very great since day 1. She hasn’t been late and even when she is sick she would still come to work. She is the only resident support at night which means she is receiving a lot of calls yet she still delivers.” – RC Lloyd Quintana

Maycelle B. – Resident Support – Property Management Firm
“She’s the most tenured VA on the team, but she’s very humble in her approach to other team members. She’s never been bossy and always look out whatever she can do to help the client.” – RC Michael Carreon

Aiza C. – Quantity Estimator – Property Management Firm
“Aiza is a keen note taker which is very important given our international setup. Knowing that I will not be available at all times, Aiza shows initiative by taking notes to refer back to when needed. This has proved to be helpful.
She also asks questions. This fills me with confidence as she is thinking about what she is doing and wants to learn and increase her knowledge of Australian Construction and standards.” – Client

Ivy R. – Bookkeeper – Accounting Firm

Ivy says:
When the CEO said, ‘They will be having the same benefits like ours and will always be a part of every company celebrations (talking about cleaners, drivers, security guards, etc), the insurance and all.’  My heart is so happy! God is good! Equality it is. No boundaries.

Execute Awardee

Celso A.
Salesforce Manager – Events Management Company

Salesforce Admin –  Events Management Company
“The working relationship with Celso and Johanna has been great over the past year or two. They have both greatly contributed to increasing the data quality, quantity and segmentation, plus supported the business’ ongoing data needs. The data foundation that we have now is very solid thanks to both Oslec and Johanna – and this is enabling the business to provide improved results on all the products we supplied to customers.” – Client

Find a Way Awardee

Darwin – Purchasing Clerk – GoTeam
“Way back in Gagfa he has been the “go to person” when we need help in our errands in the office. You will never get a ‘no’ whenever you ask help from him. He is always willing to help and you always get a smile!” – Rosanna Abangan
“Darwin is an extremely reliable team member and a true asset to the tribe. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and is very much willing to go the extra mile just to get the job done. Keep up the great work and I’m proud of you, Darwin!” – RC Chino

CEO Awardee

Loriza B. – Customer Success Coordinator – Education Management Services
“Thank you for your dedication, hard work & support over the last year. You have helped turn the People matters program into a smooth program from start to finish, whereas before it was encountering issues. The reputation of this program within our own team has become more positive as well which is thanks to your support with it. A big thank you for your help with Project Fox as well and for always being willing to go above and beyond what it is needed.” – Client Jade

The Road to 1,000 Stories is part of our drive to uphold a remarkable culture so we can build a remarkable team. As part of that drive, we aim to share our team members’ stories during CEO Lunch Presentations.

This month, we give back by focusing on our social and environmental responsibility as a company.

Tipolo Fire 
In the early morning of June 27th, a fire broke out in Barangay Tipolo, Mandaue City. An estimated 700 families were affected by the fire, losing their homes and other personal belongings.

We encourage all GoTeam team members to donate items that can be used by the victims, such as clothing, towels, toiletries, non-perishable food items, plates, cooking tools, pillows, blankets, and other necessities. Donation boxes are placed in the lobby of the office.

World Mosquito Program
As a country with a history of dengue outbreaks, we find this drive quite important – and so we give our full support to this drive.

The World Mosquito Program is a not-for-profit initiative that works to protect the global community from mosquito-borne diseases. Pioneered by Australian researchers, we use a safe, natural and effective method to reduce the threat of mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, dengue and chikungunya.

Any form of help is welcome. If you have any contacts in the government, at universities, heads of BPOs, or a family member who is willing to lend a hand, let us know

Fact: The Philippines is the world’s third-largest ocean polluter. The culprit? An addiction to single-use plastics.

Every time you say no to disposable utensils, you are saying no to global warming, floods, denuded forests, and toxic waste. Get into the habit of bringing your own utensils to work.
It’s good for you, and the environment too!

If you want to be truly productive, focus on one thing.” – Fiona Kesby
Contrary to popular belief, multitasking isn’t actually a thing… it’s counterintuitive and actually kills productivity. Here at GoTeam, we pride ourselves in being productivity experts – and so we don’t encourage multitasking.

What is the true cost of distraction?

Remember this formula:

Length of distraction + 23 Minutes and 15 Seconds = True Length of Distraction

1 – Work alongside productive people. Focus can be contagious
2 – Break tasks into chunks
3 – Set boundaries with interrupting colleagues
4 – Block online distractions and switch off mobile devices
5 – Make Time breaks

In closing, Fiona reminded everyone that we can do whatever we set our minds to – because we are brave, resilient, and remarkable – and encouraged everyone to spread the motivation by using the hashtag #YouAreRemarkable.

Focus can be contagious; so can positivity.

If you wish to join our growing tribe, click here to APPLY

We are GoTeam. Helping Businesses to scale and people to exceed. Home of your global team.


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GoTeam is a outsourcing company based in Cebu City in the Philippines. Our virtual assistants support growth-stage businesses in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Canada, among others. We are driven to help businesses scale and be a catalyst for people to exceed.

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