July CEO Lunch Presentation


June, it’s a wrap!

July has come and gone quite fast, and we’re excited for the rest of the year to unfold. Seven months in and we have had milestones reached, goals achieved, lessons learned.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

More than being on time and making sure that our own work responsibilities are taken care of properly and in a timely manner, it’s also important to us to help one another succeed. After all, the success of one is the success of all.

Help your colleague exceed expectations by getting them back on track whenever you feel like they’re distracted. In addition, if you have any suggestions and feedback for the management, please share. Reach out to your Results Coach. Management wants to hear what you think so we can improve.

It’s a pleasure to report that the GoTeam tribe has continued to grow, now with 395 team members, 85 active clients, 3 client partners, and 895 employees and dependents with medical insurance.

“Best of Both Worlds

Whether you’re one who enjoys the morning sun, or someone who is more productive at night, we’ve got the job for you!

As GOVA aims to create 1,000 jobs, we are opening more positions in the night shift.

During onboarding, our CEO shares this with everyone: “To be early is on time; to be on time is late; to be late is unacceptable.”

We are proud to say that month after month, team members never fail to come “on time.” Because of that, we award those with perfect attendance (no unplanned absences, no tardiness). For the month of July, we gave them metal straws as tokens – this is following our campaign against single-use plastic! #socialresponsibility

Happy Anniversary!

We Live By Our Values: Values Winner for July

Our mission is to create a remarkable work environment, where everyone feels safe, looked after, and most importantly, happy. We live by our values to create a culture ahead of others. Here are our Remarkable Team Members for the month of July:

Care Awardee

Kysa I. – Remote Para Consultant

“She uses her initiative and actions some invoices even before you have asked her. She is quick, efficient, and on the ball, all of the time. I think she is amazing. She is thorough, she has great initiative, she is very helpful and I feel that she is always one step ahead of me!  I’d be lost without her.” – Client
Drive Awardee

Stephanie Y. – Social Media / Marketing Executive
“Stephanie has never missed a task that she needs to deliver to the client. The client can always depend on her to complete a task or project even though it’s on short notice.” – Carlos, Results Coach

Humility Awardee

Lorelyn P. – CSA
“A silent worker who has just been able to deliver and ace things since Day 1 and continues to be very humble.” – Maria, Operations Manager

Learn Awardee

Pauline S. – Commercial Estimator
“Pauline is doing a great job! Her work is generally accurate with just minor tweaking on occasions. She is a fast learner and she asks questions if she doesn’t understand what the client is asking for. She can sort the issues out before asking for help. She has been of great assistance to the client’s role.” – Client

Gratitude Awardee

Isolde A. – Content Writer/Executive Assistant
Isolde sent a quick note to thank the HR Team for the generous HMO package.  She understands how challenging the negotiation process was and was thankful for all the efforts done to get the right coverage for the team. She also thanked the RCs for explaining the details patiently.

Execute Awardee

Randy B. – Bookkeeper
“Randy is proactive, knowledgeable and accurate, and reliable. He can use initiative to solve problems and suggest improvements to processes. He has been invaluable over the past few months. Could not be happier with his performance.

Randy is a real asset to my team. I rely heavily on his knowledge and judgement to succeed in my own role. His accuracy and attitude towards problems are excellent. Keep up the good work.” – Client

Find a Way Awardee

Divina – Recruitment Admin/Sourcing
“Her resourcefulness is unparalleled. The clients are extremely happy with how she works and how flexible she can be.  She goes above and beyond to what the clients give her for resources and tools. Clients gave her tools to use and Divina also found other tools that she and the clients can use for free.” – Lloyd, Results Coach

Faith C. – Data Researcher
“I very much like & appreciate everything that Faith does for me & my business. This includes her dependability, quality of work, efficiency, communication & culture fit – Faith excels in all of these areas. She also exhibits and lives GoTeam’s values on a daily basis.” – Client

Read more on how Faith helped grow her client’s database here.

Expanded Maternity Benefit

Good news, tribe! GoTeam has now adapted the105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law, signed by President Rodrigo Duterte. The law aims to provide enough time for mothers to regain overall wellness and fulfil maternal roles before resuming with their paid work.

For clarifications and other details in relation to the expanded maternity benefit, please approach your Results Coach or Human Resources.

#iSawTheSign Winners

If you’ve ever been around the i1 Building area, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen the glowing GoTeam sign!

Recently, we ran a competition among team members, asking them to take a photo, video, or do a GIF in front of the sign.

There’s a new app in town – to show how much you care and are grateful for others! Make sure to let them know by sending a video message via the Love Gratitude app!
Our lives are brightened when we express our appreciation for others.

SEND A VIDEO message of thanks on a regular basis, and watch how our world will grow. Shoot a short video expressing you Thanks, love, gratitude and appreciation. Record, send, and feel warm inside for brightening up the day of another.

Read Like a CEO

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live like a CEO? Or to work like a CEO?

How about to READ like a CEO?
Leaders are readers. While an average person reads two books per year, but the average CEO reads four to six books a month.

Learn how to read like a CEO from Learning Expert, Jim Kwik himself

Sounds remarkable, right? Why don’t you go and pick out a book and block time off your day and dedicate it to reading?

Let us know how you go!

If you wish to join our growing tribe, click here to APPLY

We are GoTeam. Helping Businesses to scale and people to exceed. Home of your global team.


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