January 2020 CEO Lunch Presentation


This is the Year of Love for those of us in the GoTeam tribe.

Now, before you roll your eyes or give in to a fit of giggling, remember there are more layers to love (both as verb and idea) than what’s commonly embraced.

To love, we need to make an effort to understand one another better.

This begins with understanding ourselves better. And it includes taking care of ourselves—our health, hearts, souls, and minds—so much better.

For our first lunch together as a tribe in 2020, our CEO Fiona Kesby opened with a life hack: a simple yet effective technique to help us overcome those moments of anxiety or nervousness.
The breathing exercise she led us through took only a few minutes but worked a treat.

Try it:
Take a deep breath for 5 seconds.

Hold for seconds.

Breathe out for 5 seconds.

Do this 5 times. (Now, how do you feel?)

If we paid attention only to the news in January, we’d have plenty of reasons to get anxious.

It felt great to be reminded to balance caution (which we all need, in some cases) with gratitude. We need to remind ourselves to pay more attention to the many reasons we have in our work, our families, and our personal lives to be thankful.

One of those reasons? Our sustained growth.

As of January 2020, we now have 430 team members supporting 94 clients and three VA partners. A total of 1,041 persons depend on the private medical insurance that GoTeam provides.
Our team members get HMO coverage on the very first day they show up to work—plus one dependent, free. This supports our mission to create a work environment where everyone is happy.
Our vision is to create 1,000 jobs in the Philippines by December 2020 and be known for having a remarkable culture

Well done, Values Awardees!

For eight in our tribe, another reason to be grateful is the recognition from their clients and colleagues. Congratulations, Values Awardees!

Care Awardee

Mary Eden M.Booking Support Specialist
Client Casey commended Mary Eden for her versatility and flexibility. These qualities show how deeply she cares about their success and how consistently she treats everyone as she would wish to be treated. “Eden offers her full personality to the team, making us all laugh and smile and feel very close to her despite being across the Pacific Ocean!”

Drive Awardee

Mariel T.Recruitment Assistant
Mariel “has dedicated extra time when needed (like we do here, which is great to see!) and goes above and beyond to finish her tasks in a timely manner,” wrote her Team Leader Joanne.  In just her second month, Mariel hit her target and “is continuing to improve herself and put the effort in.”

Humility Awardee

Kesterr M.  — Data Admin
In his recommendation, Client Alex wrote: “One of the goals that I put forth for Kesterr last year was for him to contribute more to team discussions and provide more of his opinions. He has not only done that but become more proactive in new initiatives and policies.” Plus points for his “easygoing nature but driven spirit.”

Learn Awardee

Carl P.PHP Developer
When someone gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills, seize it. Client Col was impressed with Carl’s “commitment to be a better person, better team member, and more professional as a software developer that it is with absolute pleasure that I nominate him for this award as he absolutely deserves it.”

Gratitude Awardee

Kathrina M.Event/Telesales Representative
It’s never pleasant when a loved one falls ill.  Late last year, one of Kathrina’s parents needed hospitalization. After her father had recovered, Kathrina took the time to say how thankful she was for the private medical insurance made possible because she works with GoTeam. Thank you, Kathrina, for not taking anything for granted.

Execute Awardee

Eunice E.Recruitment Admin

Client Ryan commended Eunice for having that winning combination of  speed and attention to detail. “Eunice has the ability to deal with multiple different types of tasks. She’s quick to learn tasks and does thorough reporting.” What makes this commendation extra special? Eunice makes it possible for others to land great jobs, too.”

Find a Way Awardee

Ma. Rutchie R.Accounts Payable/Receivable VA
Seems like it was just yesterday that we welcomed Rutchie into the tribe. Her client Peter, from a solar water heating system provider, commended Rutchie for her initiative, her productivity, and her results. “I am extremely happy with the work Rutchie is doing. She has settled into the role very well,” he wrote.

Our first CEO Awardee for 2020 is Kyle S., who has worked with his client Chris for 12 months. Despite interacting mainly by phone and video conference, Kyle has shown impressive “communication and dependability…and a great commitment to learning and taking pride in his work.” Congratulations, Kyle!

At least 25 individuals completed their six-month probation period in January, which means they’re now regular team members—although we do think they’re pretty special.

Twenty-three celebrated their work anniversaries, ranging from first to fifth year. Congratulations and thank you for your trust and loyalty! May you always embrace learning, unleash your talent for a higher purpose at work, and protect your happiness and health.

January offered another reason to remind everyone on the tribe to take better care of themselves.

Whilst the symptoms of the new coronavirus confirmed in Wuhan, China last Jan. 7, 2020 are treatable, 2019-nCoV has spread so fast that some people can’t help but be alarmed.

Health tips and reminders have been distributed to all team members.

For anyone who feels feverish or has a cough or colds, a doctor is available in the GoTeam office three mornings each week, so if anyone needs a consultation, they can get one without having to wait hours in a crowded clinic or hospital for an appointment.

The Year of Love wouldn’t be complete without listening. So in early January, all GoTeam team members were asked for their feedback and ideas in a Start-Stop-Keep survey.
By Jan. 31, Fiona had several updates to address some of the suggestions raised in that survey, particularly those suggestions for personal development training, clubs or interest groups, and the availability of healthy yet affordable meals.

Fiona also thanked the entire tribe for the fact that she has been accepted into the CEO Coaching International program this year: both a wonderful accomplishment and a reminder to everyone.

Stay coachable. Keep on learning.

If you want to belong to a work tribe that makes your happiness and safety a priority, find out more about our open roles here: https://go.team/ph. We’d love to meet you. Come join our tribe!

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