Go With Care: Pag-ibig Loyalty Plus Card Onsite ID Capture for GoTeam Team Members

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Recognizing the difficulty of visiting government offices during busy work hours, GoTeam is excited to announce the convenient option of bringing these services directly to our team members. To kickstart this initiative, we have Pag-ibig collaborating with us to ensure a smoother process for our dedicated team members.  

Here at GoTeam, we’re true to our core values and committed to providing exceptional care and opportunities for our team members. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the overall experience of our teams, we understand the significance of ensuring their access to valuable resources and benefits that contribute to their well-being and professional growth. 

The upcoming capture session for the Pag-ibig Loyalty Card Plus ID shows how much we care about improving our team members’ lives. We know that a workplace should be more than just a place to work. Our goal is to make sure every team member feels important and gets the help they need, both at work and in their personal lives. 

The Pag-ibig Loyalty Card Plus ID is not just any identification card, it represents a gateway to a range of exclusive privileges designed to make life more convenient and enjoyable for our team members. From unique discounts at partner establishments to streamlined transactions with the renowned Pag-IBIG Fund, this card represents our ongoing efforts to elevate the satisfaction of our team members.  

For GoTeam team members, here are the important details that you need to know:  

  • Event: Onsite Pag-ibig Loyalty Card Plus ID Capture.  
  • Date & Time: November 14-15@9:00am- 3:00PM only.  
  • Venue: GoTeam Office, 9th Flr, i1 Building, Jose Ma Del Mar Street, Apas, Cebu City. 


Also, here’s the checklist for the Loyalty Card Plus Deployment: 

  1. Member/Employee to register first in the SURVEY FORM the willingness to avail the Loyalty card plus ID capture. Minimum number of Enrollees is 50.  
  2. Fill-out the Loyalty Card Plus Application Form 
  3. Deadline of submission of the Loyalty Card Plus form (hardcopy) is on October 27, 2023. We highly encourage you to complete and submit the form by this date to facilitate a smooth process. 
  4. Prepare two (2) valid IDs on the day of the deployment (TIN and PHILHEALTH are NOT accepted). List of accepted Valid ID’s.  
  5. Payment of Loyalty Card P125.00 (bring exact amount).
  6. Replacement Fee for lost Loyalty Card – P125.00 (affidavit of loss NOT required).
  7. This picture will be on your Pag-ibig Loyalty Card Plus ID, so look your best!
  8. Members will get the Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus on the day of the capture.  


Just a friendly reminder, please ensure that you register using your GoTeam email rather than your client-provided email. 

Truly, we aim to foster an environment where every team member can flourish and reach their full potential. By providing access to resources and opportunities that promote personal and professional development, we are paving the way for a more fulfilling and rewarding journey for each member of our tribe. Does this sound interesting to you? Join our tribe and embark on a remarkable journey toward growth and success. 

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