GoTeam Tipolo Fire Donation Drive


As a company that upholds the value of care, GoTeam takes time to give back by helping those who are in need.

When the fire broke out on June 27, 2019, 1,000 families lost their homes. The next day, during the CEO Lunch Presentation, our CEO Fiona Kesby announced that GoTeam will be participating in a donation drive to help these affected families.

As early as July 1st, donation boxes were placed at the lobby of the office. Team members started bringing in canned goods, used clothes, bed sheets, toiletries, and other basic necessities.

These items were then segregated, packed, and delivered by some members of the internal team – headed by our Chief Happiness Officer, Ivy – to the City Social Welfare Services of Mandaue City. The donations were properly turned over and accounted for, with the supervision of Ms. Maricel Yu, Chief of the CSWS.

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