GoTeam Celebrates Chinese New Year

Xīnnián kuàilè!

The festive celebration continues at GoTeam!

Nián nián yǒu yú or may you have abundance every year! 2019 is the Year of the Pig and according to Chinese astrology, this year is going to be full of joy, a year of friendship and love.

We start the Year of the Pig by building new friendships and strengthening old ones – helping each other grow, motivating each other to always strive for the best. There’s no better way to celebrate this festivity but to share a dim sum over Chinese buffet!

Our appetizing Chinese Buffet dinner was held in Ding Qua Qua Dimsum House. Cebuanos are great lovers of dim sum. Even those who have lived a long time here in Cebu enjoy it as much as we do. You could imagine by now how happy we were to have this celebration!

Ding Qua Qua, a Cantonese phrase which means “best of the bests” in English, is a well-known Chinese restaurant here in Cebu. They’re famous for their quail egg siomai, steamed fried rice, patatim, and their noodle soup station, among many cuisines.

Upon registration, we were given a red string lucky Tibetan ceramic bead bracelet. It is said that..

“if you wear this bracelet, it will bring luck in business, career, health, and life and also to ward off all kinds of bad luck.”

Our remarkable year has just begun and we’re just so excited to see the months unfold! Join us in celebrating each and everyone’s triumph.

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