February 2019 GoTeam Lunch with the CEO

Our Lunch with the CEO this month wrapped up with what it means to be confident and how to gain it.

We continue celebrating our successes this year! Our CEO, Fiona Kesby, happily announced that we’re now catering to 84 active clients — 82 from GoTeam Cebu and 2 from GoTeam Clark — and 3 Virtual Assistant partners.

As GoTeam continues to grow, Matt and Fiona Kesby have strategically decided to rebrand ResourceFull to GoTeam Clark. Fiona, during the presentation, shared that they first wanted to change GoTeam because there are a lot of people who get confused with the “Virtual Assistants,” but upon listening to our jingle entitled “We are GoTeam”, written and sung by Micahel, they (Fiona and Matt Kesby) thought, “How can we ever change GoTeam? That’s who we are in Cebu, that’s what we’re known for”.

Therefore, this makes it official that ResourceFull will now be known as GoTeam Clark and the Cebu office will be GoTeam Cebu.

One of GoTeam’s core strengths is its ability to constantly recruit the top talents in Cebu and throughout the Central Visayas region. Another excellent source of driving our growth has been our very own team. With the vision of hiring 1,000 employees firmly in mind, management launched the year-long Win an Island Holiday Referral Competition. This program was created to spice up the existing Employee Referral Program. The team member bringing in the most number of successful referrals at year’s end would be entitled to an Island Holiday worth P20,000 of the team member’s choice.

This month’s top contenders for the Island Holiday Referral Competition are Edmund, Micahel, Debbie, Joanne, Fritzie, Daisy, Michael, and Jinky.

The winner of the competition will be announced in December 2019. Watch out for more updates.

Congratulations on your 6th month:

Regina O. – Exhibition Sales Representative
Carla R. – Bookkeeper
Jenny A. – Client Services Administrator
Jahanne A. – Content & Customer Marketing Administrator
Duane N. – Assistant Admin
Jean O. – Accounts Payable
Krislord E. – Executive Assistant
Jason H. – Assistant Videographer
Stephanie C. – Client Services Administrator
Nivelyn A. – Government Liaison Officer
Mary L. – HR Organizational Development Head
Rhizza N. – Sales Support Specialist
Lee D. – Senior HR Generalist ( GoTeam Clark)

Congratulations to our 1st Anniversary Celebrators:

Abigail P. – Accounts Assistant
Christine A. – Recruitment Administrator
Crystal B. – SystemX Data Entry
Susan T. – Bookkeeper
Michelle A. – Bookkeeper
Satoru U. – Bookkeeper
Katrine G. – Executive Assistant
Ameriza G. – Client Services Administrator
Jessa L. – Client Services Administrator
Ramon M. – Delegate Telesales
Stephanie Y. – Social Media/ Marketing Executive
Joy Y. – Accounting Clerk
Jannell S. – Property Management Virtual Assistant (GoTeam Clark)
Marikit S. – Property Management Virtual Assistant (GoTeam Clark)

Congratulations to our 2nd Anniversary Celebrators

Jeddah C. – Bookkeeper
Anne B. – MetaData
Mary Y. – Client Services Administrator
Angela M. – Administration Assistant
Johanna C. – Salesforce Data Administrator
Israeli E. – Architectural Designer

Congratulations to our 3rd Anniversary Celebrators:

Patrick D. – Revit Drafter
Karen L. – Marketing Administrator
Agnes L. – Bookkeeper

Last but definitely not the least, congratulations to Genevieve A., GoTeam’s Bookkeeper for celebrating her 4th year with the company! Way to go, Gen!

We live by our values. Our values together make us the remarkable people that we are. This month, here are our Remarkable Team Members for the month of February:

Care Awardee: Duane N., Admin Assistant
Drive Awardee: Elda C., Accounting Admin
Humility Awardee: Faith C., Researcher
Learn Awardee: Dianne T., Junior Admin
Gratitude Awardee: Michelle R., Virtual Assistant (GoTeam Clark)
Execute Awardee: Rick B., Client Services Administrator
Find a Way Awardee: Vanessa M., Executive Assistant

This month’s CEO Award goes to our General Admin/ Receptionist from Clark, Rainbow. The feedback about her says…

“Rain has been constantly an hour early from her shift to make sure the breakfast meals are on time. She also spends an hour later after a shift to ensure office needs are met.”

Congratulations Rain and to all awardees! You lead a very good example to our tribe!

We had a very interesting culture tip this month. Fiona shared with us that neither value is wrong, it’s important to understand the differences so we can work effectively together. At GoTeam we take the best of the Australian culture and the best of the Philippine culture to create the GoTeam culture.

She talked about the differences on Power Distance, which tackles on how individuals in societies are not equal. The topic is defined as “extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and generations within a country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally.”

Australia, having a score of 36, is low on this dimension. This means hierarchy is established for convenience. Superiors or leaders are always accessible, they support and encourage their team members to take initiative, and managers rely on individuals/ teams for their expertise. On the other hand, the Philippines has a very high score on this. Having a score of 94, the Philippines is a hierarchical society. People accept a hierarchical order in which everyone has a place, which means no further justification. The bosses/ leaders give instructions to their staff and they’re also tasked to do most of the decision making.

Moving forward and upward, our road to 1000 is made up of wonderful stories of our team members. We’re beyond thrilled to be sharing these stories with all of you.
To start it off, our first Road to 1000 story for this month tells about our team members who have joined the SM2SM Run held last February 17, 2019. GoTeam is a huge supporter of health and wellness. Health plays a very important role in work; therefore, in line with this, GoTeam supported our registered runners by giving them a running jersey. Read up: Health Check: The Benefits of Running

Our 2nd and 3rd Road to 1000 Stories this month are about our New Team Members who just got hitched! Love is definitely in the air! Our best wishes and congratulations to John and wife Marie Jane and to Jenny and husband Manuel.

As defined by Mel Robbins, “Confidence is a skill that is built over the years by practicing acts of everyday courage”. Fiona wrapped up the CEO presentation by sharing steps on How to Gain Confidence.
There are 12 steps to build confidence that Fiona pevery day everyday. I’ll quickly run down these steps and will discuss them thoroughly in a separate blog. These are:

  1. Know Your Purpose
  2. Take Care of Yourself
  3. Dress Well
  4. Believe in Yourself
  5. Embrace Learning
  6. Help Others
  7. Practice Gratitude
  8. Visualization – or picture the end in mind
  9. Do one thing every day that scares you
  10. What other people think of you is none of your business
  11. Create a success board
  12. Failure is your friend

Keep practicing these steps until it becomes a habit. Always remember that GoTeam believes in you!

If you wish to join our growing tribe, click here to APPLY.

We are GoTeam. Helping Businesses to scale and people to exceed. Home of your global team.


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