Exceptional Virtual Assistants | GoTeam Awards Night 2020


A few reminders about setting goals, staying focused, and finding better solutions in the midst of a pandemic—from our exceptional, award-winning Virtual Assistants in 2020.

In some ways, Virtual Assistants were more prepared than most when the rapid shift to working from home and as distributed teams happened in 2020.

Some had actually been working from home as freelancers before they joined the https://go.team/ph  tribe. They knew what it was like to work with colleagues in different cities and time zones, instead of being in the same office, keeping more or less the same hours.

Yet change, even when you choose it, will often challenge you.

So the changes in the way we work in 2020 took some getting used to. We joked that it was a little easier for introverts than our more extroverted friends to adjust—yet the real risks of isolation and loneliness, we took seriously.

We are deeply grateful to say that our GoTeam tribe adjusted beautifully in 2020. This is not to say that we were upbeat every day or never went through any spells of worry or fear. 

What we learned to do was focus on what we were grateful for. That list included having more time with our families, the health and safety of all we love, and the fact we have jobs when millions so quickly lost theirs. About 3.8 million adults in the Philippines were jobless as of November, and that’s not even counting the informal sector, on which millions of families depend.

Practicing gratitude was one of the things that didn’t change in 2020. Neither did our practice of celebrating the accomplishments of teammates. Life during a pandemic made us see our priorities in a different light and tested our ability to live and lead by our values.

We are happy to say we didn’t run short of exceptional examples.

Image of GO-VA Values Awardees 2020


The award that went to Niño, an IT Support Specialist for a property management business in the U.S., honors individuals or teams who care deeply about the long-term success of clients and treat everyone in the tribe as they wish to be treated.

Niño joined the https://go.team/ph tribe in May 2020 and won his first Value Award in October. His client described him as “one of the most reliable team members I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is genuinely committed to the success of our company.”


Of our Drive awardee Rio, her client said: “She knows exactly what is required of her without any prompting and is very much a quiet achiever!” Rio works as an Account Admin for a provider of coffee beans and cafe equipment in Australia.

She joined GoTeam in June 2018. By the time her second GoTeam work anniversary came around, one of our cherished events, the anniversary lunch, had shifted to a virtual space. We look forward to celebrating in-person again soon with tribemates like Rio. She inspires us with her inner motivation to succeed and to help clients exceed their goals.


Blessy, the Consumer Support Lead for a market intelligence and omnichannel marketing agency in the U.S. and U.K., will mark her fourth GoTeam anniversary in May this year.  It has been such a joy to her grow and to hear from her client about the exceptional work she does.

Blessy, her client says, has “that rare quality of being able to evaluate a situation and simply know what to do.” She leads her colleagues when a situation requires judgment calls, a quality that also won her the Discover Award in August 2020. This is the second year in a row that Blessy has won one of the GoTeam Values Awards.

“One thing that helped me stay focused and productive in 2020 are my goals,” Blessy shared. “Setting goals is very important. It gives us a vision of where we want to be, what we want to happen, or what we want to achieve. And when we have a goal, a plan follows, and that’s what kept me going despite everything that’s happened last year.”

Given our 2021 GoTeam theme of Bountiful Growth, we asked all our awardees what skill, ability, or character trait they want to develop this year.

Quote by GO-VA Value Awardee Winner

Jam works as a Recruitment Admin for an executive search and technical recruitment group in Western Australia. He won the Find a Way award in October 2020, the same month he celebrated his first GoTeam work anniversary.

Jam’s client has praised him for “finding better solutions and more efficient ways of completing tasks,” and for becoming “a valued and integral member of our team very quickly!”


We love that when Cecilia accepted the GoTeam Execute Value Award for 2020, she made it a point to thank one of our recruiters, Vanessa, for bringing her to her eventual client’s attention. Cecilia also thanked her client, whom she describes as “empathetic, understanding, and someone I look up to.”

Cecilia joined GoTeam in March 2020 and works as an Executive Assistant for a prestigious executive coaching group based in the U.S.  (She’s also absolutely right about her client, who is at once one of the most brilliant and kindest business leaders we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.)


Fenella works as an Appointment Setter for a U.S. professional trading and education group. Ever since she joined GoTeam in April 2020, at the height of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), she has shown humility by staying open to feedback and by always seeking to do the right thing.

She also won the Gratitude Value Award in October 2020, the same month she successfully completed probation and became a regular employee! The Humility Value Award honors the person or team who stays modest about their successes, who project a quiet confidence that calms and inspires others.

“I thank the Lord God for this award, for the gift of life, and for all the blessings he has given us. As an only child, I have to work hard to provide for my family’s needs. They are my strength and inspiration to keep moving forward,” Fenella shared.

“Second, I always keep in mind to look on the brighter side of life and never give up. And lastly, don’t forget to put a smile on your face because a smile is the most beautiful gift you can give to the world. No matter how stressed you are in life. Be brave and be a happy tribe.”  


In September 2020, John Nico, Michelle, and Sherry, a team of Customer Operations Specialists for a marketing and design business in California, marked the first month after successfully completing their 6-month probation and becoming regular employees. They also won the Gratitude Award in the same month!

Their client praised them for showing “tremendous amounts of appreciation and gratitude…which makes for a wonderful work environment.” This was particularly special in 2020, when the practice of gratitude did so much to help us through some (perfectly normal) moments of doubt or worry.


The expression “hitting the high notes” is one that literally applies to our GoTeam tribemate Arielle. 

Since her university days, she has nurtured her gift of singing. A few months after joining GoTeam in December 2019 as a bookkeeper for one of our Australian clients, she wowed the tribe in our annual GoTeam’s Got Talent by performing one of the classics from the musical “Les Miserables.” 

Last year, she chose a song from another musical, “Miss Saigon,” and emerged as champion of the individual category.


Just a week before the GoTeam Awards Night last 18 December 2020, Kyle celebrated his second GoTeam work anniversary. Ever since he joined the tribe as a Construction Estimator for an Australian home builder, Kyle has shown that he is dependable, prompt, and an excellent communicator.

His client has praised him for “showing a great commitment to learning and taking pride in his work.”

In 2020, Kyle won the CEO Award, which honors his integrity and grace under pressure 一 as shown in his ability to live by GoTeam’s core values at work through all the ups and downs of the year.

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