December 2019 CEO Lunch Presentation: Great Expectations


Our last Lunch with the CEO presentation for 2019 was less than two minutes underway when we got our first remarkable moment.

Our CEO Fiona Kesby told us that people had been asking her if she and her family were flying home to Australia for the holidays. Facing her brother and GoTeam founder Matt Kesby and their mum Noni, who both sat in the front row, Fiona said, “I am home.”

Holidays do drive home just how important our families are, right?

At GoTeam, we choose to identify ourselves as a tribe: larger than a family and held together not by blood-ties but by the values we choose to commit ourselves to, every single day.

One of our seven core values is gratitude, and we had plenty of reasons to feel it as we viewed a recap of our highlights in November.

There were work anniversaries to celebrate, client visits that we know will deepen our working relationships, and awardees to congratulate. Just three days before Lunch with the CEO, everyone in the tribe received holiday gift bags that Fiona and Matt led the Internal Team in distributing, as a surprise.

But it wasn’t just the holiday spirit or our anticipation of a two-week break (for family time, travel, and rest) that we were thankful for on our last working Thursday for the year. We were grateful as well for clarity and a sense of purpose, both so useful as we envision what we will achieve in 2020.

Our vision is to create 1,000 jobs in the Philippines by September 2020 and be known for having a remarkable culture.

As of Dec. 19, 2019, the GoTeam tribe has grown to 423 team members who support 90 active clients and three client partners.

The medical insurance that GoTeam provides for team members (plus one dependent each, for free) now covers a total of 1,000 individuals. Providing health care insurance from Day 1—no waiting for six months or even one year, as some corporations practise—is just one of the ways GoTeam lives by its core value of Care.

Think of all the creativity and peace of mind unleashed when 1,000 persons don’t have to worry about medical care, should they need it.

Congratulations to the Internal Team for having the best results (99.7 percent) in attendance and punctuality in November! Team members who show up ready and on time set a wonderful example of how the relentless pursuit of excellence builds up every day.

Congratulations, as well, to the 31 individuals who passed their six-month probation and to the 41 team members who celebrated their work anniversaries in November.

In 2019, a total of 195 team members marked their anniversaries, a milestone that we celebrate in GoTeam by catching up with our CEO and founder over lunch.

So, Who Won the Island Holiday?

Jecca B. was one of those who celebrated their first anniversary in November, but she had one more reason to be merry. Because she referred the most number of newly hired team members this year, Jecca won an island holiday worth P20,000. Have a great vacation, Jecca!

We’ve recently expanded our referral rewards program to include P10,000 for each client referred to GoTeam who goes on to hire new team members. And since Fiona and Matt are looking to acquire VA and BPO businesses of up to 200 seats, a team member who provides leads that will result in a successful acquisition will earn a reward as well.

So start scanning the community for those opportunities, tribe!

Values Awardees for 2019

“Reward” was the operative word during the GoTeam Awards Night last Nov. 30, when we gathered not only to enjoy our Christmas party but to recognize team members who best exceeded expectations in 2019.

Care Awardees

Congratulations to our Care awardees: Rosmhar P. (represented by her RC, Alpha O.), Blessy G. and Duane N. You’ve consistently shown care for the success of your clients in the high standard of the work you do, and your concern for everyone around you is commendable.

Drive Awardees

To our Drive awardees Abigail P. (represented by RC Alpha), Hazel G., and Janice T., well done! You’ve helped your clients exceed their goals by demonstrating self-discipline and an exemplary work ethic.

Humility Awardees

We are humbled by your example, Justin T., Maycelle B., and Raymond A, our Humility awardees for 2019. Your teams are amazed by how grounded you are, no matter how much you’ve accomplished. Your work indeed speaks for itself, and that it does so eloquently.

Learn Awardees

Congratulations to our Learn awardees: Kep S., Aiza C., and Edmund J. You’ve taught us to commit to upgrading our skills and learning new ones, which is such an important mindset to sustain in these times that require consistent innovation and determined reinvention.

Gratitude Awardee

We are thankful for you, Jinky C., our Gratitude awardee for 2019. We love how you never take anything for granted.

Execute Awardees

All the strategic thinking in the world won’t amount to much without execution. Congratulations to Rick B. and Kimberly M. (represented by RCs Chesca and Ara) and Arielle F. and Angela C., who always got the job done effectively and efficiently in 2019.

Find a Way Awardees

Congratulations, Antoinette O., Vanessa M. (represented by RC Chesca), and Julie S. for showing us marvelous examples of accountability and responsibility. No workplace is ever free of challenges and temporary obstacles, but we are inspired by how you hurdled them this year.

Congratulations to Ivy R. for everything she did in 2019 to support GoTeam’s vision of creating a remarkable culture that inspires and equips everyone to always strive for better. Our vision isn’t just a recorded sentiment. It’s a daily commitment and creative act, and something that our CEO steadfastly reminds us of.


Ivy Concha
It was clear from the avid response that the GoTeam tribe wholeheartedly agreed with the selection of our first Chief Happiness Officer, Ivy C., as the CEO Awardee for 2019. She has consistently and beautifully supported our CEO’s efforts to get our culture right; to refuse to settle for the industry standard but to do our best to elevate it instead.

We are truly happy for your success, Ivy, and grateful for everything you’ve done for us. Congratulations!

Year in Review

Now, as we take some time off to be with our families and prepare ourselves for a new year, we can’t help but be amazed by the many wonderful developments we’ve seen this year. A milestone anniversary (our fifth year!). A growing number of clients who’ve placed their trust in us to help their businesses scale. A larger office. A long list of shared celebrations.

And most of all, an example of leading by the heart and caring for those around us that we see at work, demonstrated consistently and genuinely.
We are grateful for 2019 and excited to see what we can achieve in 2020. From all of us in the GoTeam tribe, Merry Christmas and Have a Remarkable New Year!

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