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More than mere words in official presentations and value statements, our core values define our decisions and actions in the GoTeam tribe.

In October, the MIT Sloan Management Review released its annual list of the Culture 500. Although the data are drawn only from companies in the United States, the list offers plenty of best practices from businesses that have translated their cultures to exceptional financial results, innovation, and employee engagement.

The Culture 500 measures more than 200 cultural topics. However, the list narrows that down to the Big 9 values that most often show up in official value statements as well as in company reviews done anonymously by employees.  

The Big 9 values are: agility, collaboration, customer orientation, diversity, execution, innovation, integrity, performance, and respect.

We may not use the exact words, except for execution, but we believe our 7 core values within GoTeam stack up nicely against the Big 9 in the Culture 500 list. More importantly, we do our best to live and lead by them, and to honor the teammates who show those values at work. Here are our GoTeam Values Awardees for October.

Leading by our values

Virtual assistants in GO-VA

CARE: Niño E., IT Support Specialist for a leading U.S. property management business

The Care Value Award goes to the GoTeam team members who show in their actions that they care deeply about the long-term success of our clients and treat everyone as they would wish to be treated.

This month, it went to Niño, who supports one of the fastest-growing property management businesses in the United States as their IT Support Specialist. He helped 4 more GoTeam team members get set up for success, an act of initiative and care that his client appreciated.

“Niño exemplifies every single one of the GoTeam values,” wrote his client Emilee M.

“He is so genuinely committed to the success of our company that he worked beyond our expectations to get these team members integrated into our daily operations. Niño is one of the most reliable team members I have ever had the privilege of working with and I know I can depend on him for any task, big or small. We are truly grateful for his dedication, leadership, and expertise in his field. Way to go, Niño!”

DRIVE: Claudette T., Noreen C., and Abigail A., Accounts Payable Team for a corporate housing and property management business in the U.S.

 Travel restrictions and other COVID-19 prevention measures changed the way nearly all businesses operated in 2020. Property management was no different. While communities eventually relaxed their shelter-in-place rules, people who went back to their offices walked into dramatically changed places. 

 This meant the internal drive to succeed and to help clients exceed their goals this year, with all its challenges, was even more valuable. 

 “Our GoTeam accounts payable team has demonstrated an immense driving force towards success. They commit their time and energy to see that goals are achieved the right way and in a timely manner,” wrote their client Nichole S. 

“They not only focus on personal success and meeting their personal task deadlines but they ensure that the team works together and succeeds together, lending a helping hand to each other when needed.”

HUMILITY: Rogelio D., Appointment Setter and GRATITUDE: Fenella E., Appointment Setter
U.S. professional trading and financial education group

Both Rogelio and Fenella work with a U.S. client who’s in the professional trading and financial education services business. After signing up with GoTeam in the first quarter of 2020, this client has become one of our fastest-growing teams, and we have team members like these awardees to thank for that.

“Leo (Rogelio) has been passionate about what he’s doing. I can see that he’s thankful for what he has and I have never heard any complaints from him,” wrote one of the leaders in the client’s management team. He is an apt choice for the Humility Award, which honors team members who are modest about accomplishments, project a quiet confidence, and let their work speak for themselves.

As for Fenella, she won the Gratitude Award for using feedback constructively. This value award honors team members who show gratitude for what clients, mentors, and colleagues help them with, and who never take anything for granted. 

“Fen is very humble even if she has been with Delta for quite some time compared to most of us,” said the management team. “She’s always open to feedback and does her best to make sure that she’s doing the right thing.”

DISCOVER: Vincent Paul F., a Financial Planner Assistant for a financial advisory business in Australia

Most members of the www.go.team tribe who began working from home in the middle of March haven’t met Vincent face to face yet. He joined GoTeam in the last week of March, just as the strictest quarantine level began to take effect.

“Teng has had a fantastic performance,” wrote his client Helio B. “He is a very quick learner and is always eager to learn and receive constructive feedback.”

Demand for financial advice and financial planning picked up in 2020, as individuals sought to protect their assets amid the pandemic. Yet the sector hasn’t been immune to change, as the demand for digital services increased. 

Vincent is doing the right thing by learning more skills and financial industry insights (apart from Korean language and culture, which he admires). He’s a great choice for the Discover Value Award (formerly Learn), which honors those with a thirst for discovering new skills and who commit themselves to pursuing discovery.

EXECUTE: Ellen Faye D., an Accounts Assistant for a property management business in Brisbane

The best strategies and plans won’t amount to much unless teams have the commitment to get things done. That’s why this value award honors GoTeam teammates who focus and execute, and this month it goes to Ellen Faye. 

“Ellen has good time management skills and she is able to enter a high volume of invoices within weekly deadlines and with a high level of accuracy,” said her client Darren T.

“She proactively reviews periodic financial statements and smartly makes adjustments, which is really useful as it saves us a lot of time reviewing those. She is always available and is a fast worker who immediately responds to our requests on new or adjusted processes. She communicates effectively, is not afraid to ask questions, and is always on top of things.”

Tribe, if you ever need help in making sense out of numbers or need some tips for getting the most important tasks done on time and on budget, we know where to go for advice.

FIND A WAY: Shannon Jam M., a Recruitment Admin for an Australian specialist recruitment business

Recruitment isn’t easy even in the best of times. Recruiters compete for access to the best talent around. While new tools promise to make parts of the process more effective, that also means recruiters and talent acquisition specialists need to keep improving their game.

This month’s Find a Way Awardee is Jam, who works with an Australian recruitment business that specializes in the construction, mining, and engineering industries. This value award celebrates team members who take responsibility, accountability, and ownership of all their actions; who embrace challenges and find a way to resolve any obstacle.

“A highlight has been Jam’s development in taking reference checks, learning to extract detail, and take high-quality references for a broad range of roles. Finding better solutions and more efficient ways of completing tasks, teaching Jordan a thing or two along the way,” wrote his client Guy F.

“He has taken on a wide variety of duties beyond the day-to-day, learning the process and mastering the process. Developing a sense of which tasks to prioritize and balancing competing priorities. Jam has become a valued and integral member of our team very quickly, and it’s hard to imagine how we survived without him!”

CEO AWARD: Veronica R. and Nikki April S., HR CompBen and Wellness Officer, respectively, in the GoTeam Internal Team

The past few months would have been far more challenging without the steady and patient support we received from Nica and Nikki of the GoTeam HR Team. Questions about physical, mental, and financial health surfaced so often from all directions, yet these two remarkable teammates handled all of these with kindness and grace.

“Quarantine has not been easy for everyone but Veronica and Nikki have worked tirelessly to cater to everyone, even if the requests are beyond their tasks,” wrote our Results Coaches. 
In GoTeam, our Results Coaches serve as part-client success advocates and part-performance coaches. They make sure our team members and their clients are aligned on their highest priorities and goals, which also means clearing paths and making sure that the conditions for success are in place.

As our Compensation and Benefits Officer and our Wellness Officer, respectively, Nica and Nikki “always find a way to attend to our queries, both from the team members and Operations, even if these are out of their scope. Thank you for all your hard work and making things easier for the Results Coaches to clear a path.”

Congratulations to all of our October Values Awardees! We are inspired by your example to exceed expectations.

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