Begin with the End in Mind: GoTeam’s February Discover You Event


Useful advice for teams that want to be more effective, instead of just very busy: Begin with the end in mind, as Stephen R. Covey has advised. Here’s a quick look at what the GoTeam tribe rediscovered in February.  

Most of us don’t go to unfamiliar places without first making sure we can find it using a map on our phones or a guidebook stashed in our backpacks. So why is it that we sometimes approach our days without having a similar map in mind? 

For our Discover You virtual event in February,  CEO Fiona Kesby began by sharing that we were 404 team members strong at the end of that month. As a result of this growth, a total of 1,017 individuals enjoyed the security of knowing they have private medical insurance, should they ever need it. 

This development has its roots in GoTeam’s mission: “To create a safe work environment where everyone is happy.” Put another way, this was the end in mind that made it possible for more than a thousand team members and dependents to get the insurance coverage that has become an even more important benefit since this pandemic began.

“Begin with the end in mind” was the theme of the leadership and personal development section of our Discover You event in February.

For those of you who didn’t know,  Founder and Chief Technology Officer Matt Kesby spent around 8 years as Execution Practice Leader for FranklinCovey in Australia and New Zealand. Since this pandemic began, he has led the tribe in revisiting The 7 Habits, and this leadership classic’s teachings have grown in relevance through this time.

Habit 2 in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People requires the use of our self-awareness, conscience, and imagination. 

Crafting a personal mission statement—in the same way that highly effective and game-changing businesses lead by sincere mission statements—takes some effort and time. 
Yet without defining our personal mission statement, we run the risk of losing our way; of burning ourselves out without getting anywhere meaningful.

“It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in an activity trap, in the busyness of life, to work harder and harder at climbing the ladder of success only to discover it’s leaning against the wrong wall,” as Dr. Covey wrote. “It is possible to be busy—very busy—without being very effective.”

Values Awardees for February 2021

For February, 15 of our colleagues and teammates won the GO-VA Values Awards based on the feedback of their clients, Results Coaches, and our CEO Fiona herself.

CARE: Anthony, a Marketing and Digital Executive for an Australian manufacturer of bean bags

Image of Marketing Executive Anthony of Go-VA and Global Office“Anthony, you have had a fantastic year. We really appreciate your efforts, your reliability, creativeness, politeness, and customer service. You are a critical part of the team and together, we’re building this business up to be a great success…You have been a big part in this positive progress,” wrote his client Bruce F.

This award rewards those who care deeply about our clients’ long-term success and treat others as they wish to be treated. At the time he won this award, Anthony has been the GO-VA tribe for a year and three months.


DISCOVER: Katherine, an Appointment Setter for a professional trading and education group in the U.S.

Image of Appointment Setter Katherine of Go-VA and Global OfficeThis award gave Katherine 2 reasons to celebrate in February. Apart from her winning the GO-VA Discover Value Award, this was also the month she successfully completed her probation and became a regularized member of the tribe.

“Though Katherine is quite new in the team, I could say she is one of the most dependable persons in it. Kate doesn’t require to be managed at work. She can deal with tasks and find solutions. She learns from mistakes and from opportunities, and applies them promptly,” wrote her Results Coach Benson.

“She is not just capable of learning the knowledge needed for a task but acts on what is needed. Thank you, Kate! Keep moving forward.”

We reward those who seek to discover new skills and commit themselves to extended learning.

DRIVE: Jennifer, a Property Accountant for one of the fastest-growing property investment businesses in the U.S.

Image of Property Accountant Jennifer of Go-VA and Global OfficeThis GoTeam Value Award honors the individual or team who possesses an internal drive to succeed and help our clients exceed their goals. In February, the same month she passed her probation, Jennifer won this award.

Results Coach Nathan wrote: “I appreciate your hard work, your attention to detail, and your efficiency, which make you a rock star! Your dependability and teamwork show a tremendous team drive that is truly remarkable.”

“Your output and results show an immense drive in you. Keep that spirit burning and keep up that exceptional work!”
Among the core values that Jennifer’s client lives by is “the persistence to go above and beyond.” We love it when our GoTeam core values align so beautifully with those of our clients.

GO-VA February 2021 Awardees
EXECUTE: Iris, a Customer Service Virtual Assistant for an Australian business consultancy

Image of Customer Service VA Iris of Go-VA and Global Office“Iris is great at communication, letting me know where she is at with a task if there are delays and when she is close to finishing. She works well unassisted: due to her communication, I know I do not need to chase her up about work,” wrote her client Sam. “She is a very pleasant team member, is always happy, and with a smile on her face and in her voice when doing the job.”
Iris celebrated her first GoTeam work anniversary last January, and this award means her second year started on the best note possible. The GoTeam Execute Value Award reminds us of our commitment “to focus and execute to get the job done.”



FIND A WAY: Khristian works as an Automation Developer for the GoTeam Internal Team

Image of Automation Developer Khristian of Go-VA and Global OfficeWe believe that automation and outsourcing are essential strategies for businesses that want to scale and achieve sustainable, long-term growth. And we feel very thankful to have found a team member who helps us automate within the internal team.

“In just two months since he joined us onboard, we have successfully implemented two automation procedures within Finance and are still looking for more,” said our Accounting Manager Sab. “Khristian is easy to reach out to and very patient with us. Looking forward to more opportunities for automation with Khristian’s help.”

We find a way, which means we take responsibility, accountability, and ownership of our actions. We embrace challenges and commit to finding resolutions to any obstacle.


GRATITUDE: Denmark works as an Estimator/Inside Sales for a U.S. business that provides steam and pressure control valves to industrial, commercial, and residential clients
Image of Estimator Denmark of Go-VA and Global OfficeWe were in the midst of a virtual event for the GoTeam tribe when Denmark commented about how great he found workplace culture. Since we never take anything for granted and consider gratitude among our core values, this comment did not go unnoticed.

We are grateful for you, Denmark, as well as for your client’s enduring success. Denmark works for a New York business that has thrived for nearly 70 years. The opportunity to help our client make residential buildings, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and schools safer—no matter if we’re more than halfway across the world—is something we do not take for granted either. 


HUMILITY: Angelica Rose works as a Project Manager for a prestigious executive coaching business in the U.S.

Image of Project Manager Angelica Rose of Go-VA and Global OfficeIn March, Angelica celebrated her first GoTeam work anniversary. A few weeks before that, however, she won the GoTeam Humility Value Award. Her client Rachel wrote that Angel “represents (the core values of) drive, humility, and find a way every single day. I would 1,000% nominate her for these value awards.”

Why do we count humility as one of our core values? Well, because it’s a necessary condition for learning and growth. It’s a daily reminder to stay grounded and modest about our accomplishments. “We project a quiet confidence and we prefer to let our work speak for itself.”

Humility is one of two core values that were later added to the original five Kesby family values by our CEO Fiona, and she has often said that this was inspired by her experiences living in the Philippines. The other recently-added core value is gratitude.

CEO AWARDEES: Deborah, Chrislyn Mae, Rosmhar, Frances Abigail, Rabina Kaye, Kysa, Krystel Rose, and Apriele all support a healthcare recruitment business in Australia and New Zealand.

Images of CEO Awardees for February 2021 in Go-VA and Global Office
The CEO Award honors the individual or team who shows the best example of leading by all of our core values in a given month. And our February batch included a Recruitment Admin and a Recruitment Assistant, Remote Para Consultants, an Accounts Assistant, and a Para Simulation Consultant

They’ve supported GoTeam for a range of 1 year and 4 months, up to more than 4 years at the time they received this award. In 2020, they supported their client by sourcing and placing healthcare professionals in a year when they were so urgently needed. Thank you, team, and congratulations on such a well-deserved award.

When you “begin with the end in mind,” you vastly improve your chances of using your time, energy, and resources better.

If you’re looking for a more remarkable career and a more remarkable life, begin by surrounding yourself with kind and caring people who are committed to helping you feel safe.

We are recruiting for several career opportunities in financial services, software development, digital marketing, sales enablement, and customer support. Come join our tribe!

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