Bayanihan Awards Night 2022

The night of November 19, 2022 had all GoTeam members donning their best Filipiniana attires as they celebrated their Bayanihan Awards Night held at JPark Island Resort and Waterpark.  

It was an unforgettable affair of celebrating the company’s recognitions, triumphs and milestones. Of course, it goes both ways as team members were also acknowledged for their dedication and commitment to the company with a number of service and special awards.  

Now, GoTeam members just don’t come with the work ethics and skills they are known for. They also have a lot of talents to share. And what better night to showcase this than during the awards night itself?  

Shedding off their Filipiniana attires for their respective presentation costumes, some GoTeam members belted their hearts out, serenading the audience with beautiful songs while some showed just how literally flexible they can be as they danced the night away.  

The affair ended with everyone in high spirits, grateful for the blessings of the year and excited for what lies ahead in the year to come.  

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