August 2019 CEO Lunch Presentation


At times, we become so busy and so engulfed in our everyday lives that we fail to reflect internally and take care of one crucial and important person: yourself.

This month, our CEO Fiona Kesby reminded everyone that we are all remarkable people, capable of achieving goals and exceeding expectations – however, our pursuit of excellence should come at no cost to our health and well-being.

GoTeam strives to create a healthy work-life balance, and we continue to remind everyone to be mindful of the time they put into work and the time they spend on rest and recuperation.
Read more about the science of sleep and the value of self-care below.

We took opening new doors to a whole new level with the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of our IT Park, Cebu office. Indeed, it was a milestone we all were proud of.


We are always proud to have team members who not only achieve goals, but also exceed expectations. As our way of celebrating our wins for the month of August, we all went to dine at the Vikings Luxury Buffet, along with our family and friends.



GoTeam has shown the world what it could do – and at this point, we just keep on growing. With 391 team members servicing 83 clients all over the world plus 3 VA partners, we sure are getting to where we have always envisioned to be.

Our core value of care has also led us to provide private health insurance to a total of 932 team members and dependents!

With 4 months to go until the end of the year, the race to the most coveted Island Holiday Giveaway is getting more exciting than ever!

At GoTeam, we pride ourselves in bringing together the top talent in Cebu – thanks to our amazing recruitment team, the screening process, and of course, our team members who are constantly referring their friends and family to the company.

Take a look at August’s top contenders below. Who do you think will win the 20K Island Holiday Giveaway?

If you’ve been following GoTeam for some time now, you would have noticed that we value the importance of milestones and wins – big or small!

Join us in congratulating our teammates who are celebrating their work anniversaries! Cheers!

Kudos to everyone who has shown that GoTeam is indeed home to the top talent in Cebu! Not only are GoTeam team members skilled and hardworking, but also compassionate and kind.

This month, we celebrate these team members who have been exceptional in their roles and who have upheld GoTeam’s core values.

Care Awardee


“I would just like to express my deepest gratitude to Rhowell Alfeche for returning my wallet. I lost my wallet on Wednesday and at the end of the day, my wallet was returned to me and I was informed that Rhowell gave it to his RC, Alpha. If it was not for him, I would be devastated right now because that wallet was important to me and everything that comes with it. I could not thank him enough for the deed he has done.” – Kyren, HR
Drive Awardee

“Great work ethic, she’s very quick and always follows up. Thank you for your support, we value you as our team member. Keep up the great work!” –  Client

Humility Awardee

“Benson is always very gracious to his team members and will humbly bring up any issues they may have. This helps to find ways to improve their productivity. His gratitude for having the opportunity to work with GoTeam and his client is inspiring.” – Vic, VA Partner

Learn Awardee

“Great communicator Always willing to try to fix problems A great learner and listens well Friendly and respectful” – Client

Gratitude Awardee

While RC Franchesca was distributing the HMO cards. Mary openly expressed her gratitude of having Generali as our HMO.
“I have used our HMO prior to getting the cards and I am so happy that everything was fast. I called the sun hotline number and in only 2 rings they answered and immediately sent me the LOA to the requested email address without a problem. Generali was also very pleasant to talk to.” – Mary

Execute Awardee

“She deserves a pat on the back. She’s leading by example, with the most productive hours and perfect attendance and punctuality rate.” – Client

Find a Way Awardee

“Julie shows care for her work by putting in 110% every single day and is always looking at ways she can go above and beyond, her customers – Julie will always ensure prompt responses and look at ways she can deliver the best customer experience.” – Client

Just recently, our very own CEO Fiona Kesby was invited to speak at one of Google Business Group’s events, Startup Weekend: Techstars. She shared tips on how to pitch and the GoTeam story – which is a story of grit, growth, and gratitude. In order to truly be productive, we must first look within ourselves. When we are not practising good self-care, we are essentially fighting against being productive.
Do you know that there is one thing you can do – that is super easy and very accessible – to become more productive?

It’s sleep!

Yes, getting a good night’s sleep allows your mind and body to refresh so that you are ready to take on the following day’s work!
Watch the video below to understand the Science of Better Sleep:


If you’re ready to succeed in a fulfilling career and become part of a tribe that cares, then send us a message on Facebook or email us at

Remember that you are Brave, Resilient, and Remarkable!


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