A Mindset Tip from GoTeam’s Daily Updates: Win or Lose, it’s All in Your Mind


The COVID-19 pandemic is testing everyone’s ability to drive toward exceptional results when so much is unpredictable. Here’s an affirmation for a winner’s mindset.

Have you ever felt at times that things are more difficult than they really should be?

Or perhaps that you feel like you should be winning more frequently?

Take a look at this image. What’s holding this magnificent creature back is not the chair.

What’s holding it back is how it’s been trained. It’s all in its head. It’s a thousand times stronger and more powerful than the thing that’s holding it back. 





Horse tied to a chair
And now for a little (ahem) horse sense. CREDIT: Karrie Steely from grit.com


And yet the way we see the world and the way we speak to ourselvesーthe words we use in our headーwill impact the actions that we take and what we do. 

That will, in turn, shape the results that we get and the kind of life we ultimately make for ourselves. 
Now, it’s natural to feel some stress. 

In May 2020, 9 out of every 10 Filipinos they surveyed told the Social Weather Stations, a research institution, that they felt much stress (34%) or great stress (55%) because of the pandemic. Only 1 out of every 10 reported feeling r just a little stress (7%) or no stress at all (4%). 

Part of that stress we feel may come from having to learn something new, now that so much about the way we work has changed. And that’s OK. 

Stress, followed by rest and recovery, is a necessary condition for growth. 

To help us move past our moments of doubt or stress, here are some words that will help. Let’s keep these in mind:

I am brave enough to try.
I seek out information and I learn.
I stick with things and don’t give up easily.
And I focus on my own results and don’t compare myself to others.

Quote image
Uncertainty sometimes makes us wish the situation would go back to the way it was. Yet we can also help ourselves to see an uncertain time as a chance to think about what we really want out of life. And how we can achieve that.

“When we are in a state of vulnerability, we yearn for things to change and become more manageable and comfortable,” wrote Dr. Michelle Maidenberg, an adjunct professor at New York University who maintains a psychotherapy practice. 

“It can also open us up to consider effortful ways to improve ourselves, be our best selves, and live our best life. This is a prime opportunity to contemplate who we are and who we desire to be.”

In her blog, Dr. Maidenberg shares a list of 38 questions that we can use to lead ourselves toward developing a growth mindset. Here’s an example:


You will find the rest of Dr. Maidenberg’s thought-provoking questions here. They’d be great to use as writing prompts for your journal or talking points for your team huddle.

We are in the midst of the biggest global challenge that has occurred in nearly a centuryーwhich means we need to be both patient with ourselves and mindful of what we tell ourselves. 

Play all out to win.





4 affirmations for a growth mindset

You deserve to win more frequently. 


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