A Boodle Fight with the Tribe


We rolled our sleeves up for a boodle fight at Boodle Art & Beyond for our March Monthly Celebration.

A boodle fight, in the context of Filipino culture, is the military practice of eating a meal wherein hierarchy between officers and enlisted men are set aside to eat together. This does not mean it’s a food fight, but rather, it is a kind of feast that is meant for sharing — sharing food for all.

Boodle Art & Beyond’s chic location was an unused restaurant. The interior design exudes a warm, comforting ambiance, which gives guests a lot more appetite to enjoy the sumptuous food and enjoy a good laugh.

On top of the good food, we also had an open mic, where anyone from the team can go onstage and sing their heart out. Talents from different teams were eager to perform!

The talented Micahel started the musical night with our jingle, “We Are Go-VA,” and covered a song after the crowd requested for more. Right after that, Fiona Kesby, GoTeam’s CEO, gave a brief congratulatory speech and recognized all the hard work the team has done for the month.

Fiona also announced our next two monthly celebrations, which got everyone so excited! Our Monthly Celebration for the month of April will be a Movie Night — Avengers End Game — while our Monthly Celebration for May will be a Grand Summer Getaway to Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort, one of the top-pick resorts in Mactan Island, Cebu

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