5 Reasons Why GoTeam is a Great Place to Work

Everyone keeps searching for that “perfect” workplace, a company where work-life balance is truly achievable, a place where people feel welcome, cared for, and at peace. 

Here’s the thing: Your “perfect” workplace depends on YOU. It depends on whether or not a company’s values align with yours, whether your needs are met, or whether you feel safe and at home with the people you work with.  

It’s all internal, really—but it does help to find a workplace that ensures your well-being comes first.  

GoTeam is with you on that. Here, we view each and every team member as a whole person—you are not just an additional headcount, you are not a faceless individual in a sea of other faceless workers, clocking in and out of work. This is one of the reasons why GoTeam is a certified Great Place to Work, with 89% of the team agreeing that this is indeed a great place to work. 

Check out 5 top reasons why:

You are made to feel welcome​

GoTeam Chief Happiness Officers
GoTeam Welcome Kits

95% of GoTeam members have expressed how they were made to feel welcome when they first joined the team. We have our Talent Acquisition, Discovery Team, and Chief Happiness Officers for that. 

Upon the first point of contact, we ensure that our Talent Acquisition Specialists relay the warm and friendly atmosphere at GoTeam. Every step of the recruitment process has been made to give you a glimpse into what it would be like to work at GoTeam.  

On your first day at work, the Discovery Team prepares an engaging Onboarding Session. It’s not the run-of-the-mill type where you sit on a computer and go through hours and hours of long pre-recorded videos. There’s actual interaction between starters and the Discovery Team, where you are taken through the ins and outs of GoTeam, as well as being provided with an avenue to ask questions and get to know other team members better. 

Welcome Kits and a photo shoot are also one of the highlights of the GoTeam onboarding session. Not only do you get some goodies in your kit, you also get to chat with our lovely community engagement team members during your photo shoot (more than just ID-picture-taking, we do our shoots with flair!) 

Catch Up With CEO, Fiona Kesby Feedback

GoTeam celebrates milestones with you

At GoTeam, we believe that “It’s Better Together.” Milestones should be celebrated as a team. 

You passed your probationary period and got regularized? Celebrating a work anniversary? We immortalize those memories together—with the CEO, at that! Fiona Kesby, our Chief Executive Officer, makes it a point to meet and greet team members whenever they reach a milestone in their careers. 

Discover You events are also held monthly to highlight the team’s wins from the previous month and to recognize those who exceeded expectations for themselves, their clients, and team members. 

You are treated as whole person

We believe everybody has what it takes to win. Our Remarkable Life culture program unleashes human potential so anyone can have the power to create their own success story – from achieving Whole Person well-being to have Enriched Family Life and the Unforgettable Get. 

5 Reasons Why GoTeam is a Great Place to Work

 HMO Coverage 

Before anyone else provided full HMO coverage on Day 1, GoTeam was already on it. It is the belief of our leaders that each team member deserves to feel that they are protected and cared for the moment they begin working at GoTeam. No need to wait for six months. 

Learning and Growth Opportunities 

The Exceed Institute is hosted by our CTO and Founder Matt Kesby, a learning session where he shares and discusses self-development concepts and techniques, breaking them down into actionable steps so it becomes easy for team members to apply to their daily personal and work lives.  

Among these are the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Such desire for self-development and growth is also apparent during meet-and-greet sessions, where team members are made to write down three key things they are looking forward to gain, or three things they love about GoTeam. The top word? GROWTH. 

Learning and Growth Opportunities With GoTeam
Learning and Growth Opportunities With GoTeam

You will be part of a company that delivers excellent service

GoTeam would have not been able to grow, had it not been for the brand of excellent service we consistently deliver to clients. Even with an ongoing pandemic and recovering from one of the strongest typhoons that hit the Philippines, GoTeam has steadily grown. From one VA, we are now at 700+ active team members. 

You will be working in a physically safe place to work

Since March 2020, GoTeam has adopted the flexibly hybrid work setup for majority of our team members. For those who work onsite, however, we have made sure to provide a safe and conducive space. Our main headquarters is located at the heart of the Cebu IT Park.  

Aside from being accessible and close to business establishments, the i1 Building follows the safety standards required by law.  

Come and pay us a visit sometime – we do observe minimum health protocols to, of course, keep everyone safe and healthy.  


To get a closer look at our benefits and what we do at GoTeam, you may learn more here. 

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