Frequently Asked Questions


  • We use a scientific approach combining structured job assessments and testing to identify the strongest applicants accurately and easily for you. We encourage clients to also include their own example tasks as a test to use in our screening process.
  • Absolutely YES. Unlike an outsourcing business where you don’t know who is doing the work, at GoTeam we help you to build your offshore workforce, housed in our facility. This means each person that you hire will be full time team members dedicated to your success. We will handle the recruiting, background checking, testing and shortlisting. All you need to do is decide on who you would like to interview and we will arrange this via a video interview. We pride ourselves in finding you the best talent in Cebu.

How it works?

  • I love this question, mainly because there are often misconceptions that arise when organisations start to access labour at the world’s best pricing. The term sweatshop came to being between the 1830’s to 1850’s in the clothing manufacturing industry. During this period, people in the sweatshops would work in socially unacceptable conditions, often for extremely long hours and being paid under minimum standards. When you arrive at GoTeam, the first thing you notice is the high rise building and office fit out that would fit in any first world setting. All of the team here are paid well above award wages and have a range of benefits from private medical insurance, on call nurse, subsidized meals in the canteen and every month the team are taken out on an activity and team dinner. Examples of the monthly team activities include, Zip lining… laser tag… ten pin bowling… basketball…going to the movies and more. Each activity is followed by a hearty dinner and acknowledgment of top performers during the month. So as you can see, any thoughts that offshoring opens you up to being seen as utilising a sweatshop approach is completely debunked when you partner with us at GoTeam. In fact, we encourage key members of your Australian team to come and spend time in the Cebu offices and experience it for themselves.
  • Our model is to bring you access to the World’s best pricing on skilled labour to help your business to succeed. Although your new team members’ hourly employment costs may range anywhere from $2.80 to $10 per hour, the cost of living is significantly different. To put this into perspective, it is common for a team member on $2.80 per hour to have a full time nanny. Something which most people on $200,000 per year in Australian will not be able to consider.
  •   Managed Operations is the hassle free way to set up a Virtual Team Member or a Team of Virtual Employees. It’s the perfect middle ground between outsourcing (where you have no control over who does your work or how it’s done) and setting up your own office in the Philippines (costly & high risk navigating local government & labor laws).   GoTeam’s Managed Operations sources the best suitable talent in the market on your behalf, you choose who you want on your team and train them directly. We support you by providing the office infrastructure, payroll, HR support and our dedicated Results Coach program.


  • If you are like me and have been in business for sometime, you will know that things don’t always work out and that’s ok. What is important, is that there is a clear process to follow if things don’t work out. We follow and handle this for you in accordance with the local laws so that you don’t need to be burdened by HR issues. When you first start with your new VA’s, they are on a 6 month probationary period. At any time during this period you are not happy and wish to change to a new person, we will take care of that for you and there is no additional charge for recruitment of this position. After the 6 month probationary period, if you are having difficulties, the Results Coach connected to that team member will work to have the team member brought up to speed. Rest assured we are here to help your business scale and to be a catalyst for your people to exceed.
  • We don’t directly train your VA for you. We will find you candidates that have suitable previous experience in the area that you require. As all relationships are different and every business has different ways they want things done. You will need to spend time training them at first, especially on any specific policy or procedures for your business. Your dedicated Results Coach will train your VA so they know how to create training videos and write standard operating procedures for you on all your activities. Managed Operations provided you with the opportunity to have you own offshore VA or team of VA’s without the hassle of setting up your own offshore company.
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